Monday, June 23, 2008

Thieves Focus on Pointless Chip Theft

Yorkshire Evening Post [UK]
21 June 2008

Thieves focus on pointless chip theft

Police in Leeds today issued a warning following a rise in thefts from vehicles across the city.

Thieves are targeting stereos inside Ford Focus cars and owners are being warned to take extra precautions.

Detective Inspector Nick Wallen from North East Leeds Division said: "There has been an ongoing rumour for a number of years now that a chip within a stereo from a Ford Focus can be put into a Sky box and you receive free Sky television." [...]

South Wales Echo
10 December 2009

Stupid thieves fall for Ford Focus urban myth

by Abby Alford, South Wales Echo

AN urban myth is driving thieves to target Ford Focus cars across the city [Cardiff].

A rumour that a microchip from the stereo can be inserted into a television digibox to access Sky channels for free has resulted in a surge in vehicle break-ins. [...]