Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Special Pens Change Marks on Ballots (Zambia)

Special Pens Change Marks on Ballots (Zambia)


Zambian Watchdog
20 September 2011

Suspicious Kawambwa votes using own pens

By Chephas Malimba

People at St. Mary’s Basic School Polling station in Kawambwa woke up as early as 03:30 hours to cast their votes. By 06:00, there were more than 500 voters in the queue, out of the more than 1 380 registered voters.

However, most voters were seen with their own pens and exchanging pens. This is due to a rumor that the ECZ provided pens are made in such a way that if you mark X against Sata using ECZ pen, RB being on top while Sata at the bottom, when you fold the ballot paper horizontally, the X against Sata will fade directly to RB’s slot.

The rumour suggests that, this is how the election is going to be rigged.


Times of Zambia
22 September 2011

ECZ results website hacked

By Times Reporter

[Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Justice Ireen Mambilima:] “The commission would further like to dismiss the myth of the so called magic pen provided by ECZ at polling stations whose ink purportedly fades after a voter has marked the ballot paper or the mark shifting from one candidate’s slot to another.”

Lusaka Times
22 September 2011
ECZ magic pens allegations a myth-Mambilima

Friday, September 16, 2011

College Building Mistaken for Mosque, Vandalized


Birmingham Mail [UK]
16 September 2011

Vandals attack Bournville College building after mistaking it for a mosque

by Catherine Lillington, Birmingham Mail

A CONTROVERSIAL new Birmingham college has been targeted by vandals after rumours swept the area that a golden-clad part of the building was in fact a mosque. [...]

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Killer Phone Numbers (Nigeria, 2011)


Champion Newspapers [Nigeria]
15 September 2011

Panic over death through GSM calls
It’s a mere hoax -- NCC

Charles Okoh, Deputy News Editor

Panic yesterday gripped mobile phone users in Nigeria as news spread that people were dying after answering calls on their mobile phones. [...]

Same article also available at
Nigeria: Panic Over Death Through GSM Calls -It's a Mere Hoax -- NCC
Charles Okoh

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clear the Runway


Financial Post [Toronto, Canada]
10 September 2011

It's what you 'no', not what you know

Jane MacDougall, Weekend Post

[Brad Armstrong, a Vancouver lawyer,] said it might just be legal lore, but a story circulates about an aviation accident some years back. It was winter. A small plane was having to make an emergency landing at a rural airport. The order to "Clear the runway" was given. The fellow who operated the snow-removal equipment, unaware of the unscheduled landing, immediately mounted his tractor and set out on the tarmac to remove the accumulated snow.

The plane landed with the worst possible consequences. [...]

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lawyer Puts Coins in Mouth to Fool Breathalyzer


The Nelson Mail [New Zealand]
7 September 2011

Coins 'fell from mouth'

A lawyer hid the cord of a breath testing machine in a police station filing cabinet, and then concealed coins in his mouth in a bid to fool the machine.

Westport lawyer Douglas Taffs, 53, appeared in the Nelson District Court yesterday and admitted a charge of driving with excess breath alcohol, failing to remain for an evidential breath test and obstructing police. [...]

Monday, September 5, 2011

Boy Stuck by Needle in Movie Theater Seat


WBNS-TV [Columbus, OH]
4 September 2011

Boy, 8, Stuck By Needle Inside Movie Theater

COLUMBUS, Ohio - An eight-year-old boy was hospitalized on Sunday afternoon after he was apparently stuck by a needle inside a northwest side movie theater. [...]

Police said the device turned out to be a writing pen with the ink cartridge removed, and a sewing needle in its place.

The device was left in between the seats, and when the child leaned over to talk to his parents, he was stuck in the back, said police. [...]

Fear that Sea Eagles May Prey on Children


The Scotsman
3 September 2011

Could a sea eagle mistake young child for prey, ask gamekeepers

By Frank Urquhart

A FURIOUS row has erupted between Britain's leading bird charity and Scottish gamekeepers over claims that sea eagles could mistake young children for their natural prey. [...]

A spokesman for RSPB Scotland declared: "It is the worst kind of alarmist nonsense to suggest that sea eagles might soon be preying on children for food. [...]