Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Man's Kidney Stolen During Memory Loss (China)


China Daily
25 February 2012

Man’s kidney stolen during memory loss

A man in Guangdong woke up to find his left kidney gone and an extra of 20,000 yuan ($3,176) in his pocket after a four-day memory loss, Nanfang Daily reported.

Shu, 28, had just come from Chongqing to Machong town in Guangdong to look for work. He remembered trying to rent a room before losing his memory, he said. [...]

Thursday, February 16, 2012

KKK Tunnels Under Tillamook?


Tillamook Headlight-Herald [OR]
15 February 2012

KKK tunnels under Tillamook? ODOT radar says not likely

Anthony Rimel

Most Tillamook residents have probably heard the legend - there are tunnels under the city. The story is the Ku Klux Klan built them as a part of some unknown clandestine plans.

The mystery of what's under Tillamook has recently had some intriguing new developments from an unexpected source - the Oregon Department of Transportation.

In preparation for the planned changes to Highway 101, ODOT hired a contractor to do some initial surveys using ground-penetrating microwave radar (GPMR) to look for basements underneath city sidewalks. The images produced by GPMR look like X-ray,s and the contractor will use software to combine the images with coordinate data to build a model of whatever is under the sidewalk.

Although the data is not yet completely compiled, initial results have not found much of anything that extends under the sidewalks.

Bill Johnston, an ODOT project manager, said basements of the buildings adjacent to the sidewalks they surveyed were intermittent, and not many of them extended under the sidewalk. [...]

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monkey Men (India)


Mumbai Mirror [India]
4 February 2012

Bhandup police left embarrassed as CP retracts promises

Yogesh Sadhwani and Nazia Sayed

Bhandup cops and Additional Commissioner of Police of the Eastern Region Quaiser Khalid were left red-faced when Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik pulled them up promising locals additional security in view of various rumours floating in the area.

For the past 10 days there have been rumours in Bhandup (W) that members of the Chaddi Baniyan gang were trying to break into houses and kill occupants before running away with valuables. Besides this, stories of monkey men, who can climb trees and jump over rooftops, have also left the residents unnerved. [...]


Indian Express
7 February 2012

Bhandup cops rapped for ‘encouraging’ monkey men rumours

Express news service : Mumbai

The Bhandup cops were hauled up by the police top brass last week for falling prey to rumours that ‘monkey men’, who could climb tall trees with ease and jump over rooftops, were trying to break into homes and kill residents before committing robberies.

Believing such rumours, local residents armed with lathis started patrolling the area. Some of them, mistaking three men roaming in the area for robbers, also beat them up. One of those assaulted was mentally unstable.

What earned the Bhandup police a mouthful from the police headquarters was that they were encouraging such rumours through their actions. Policemen were visiting shoe shops in the area in an attempt to identify whether ‘shoes with special springs’ were being manufactured there, sources revealed. What also went against them was their decision to call in a snorkel ladder from the fire department to look for robbers, who they believed were hiding in tree-tops. [...]


Mid-Day [India]
24 February 2012

Vampires and cannibals prey on fear in the Mumbai

By Varun Singh

Over the past week, the fertile imagination of Mumbai's collective consciousness has been in the feverish grip of some dreaded creatures. Vampires, cannibals and monkey men all appear to have chosen the city as the site for their spring rendezvous. While Mumbai cowers under the covers, cops are having a hard time laying their fears to rest. [...]


Mid-Day [India]
24 February 2012

Mumbai, don't believe in rumours

By Varun Singh

The Mumbai police has requested citizens of the city to stop believing in rumours that mystical characters like vampires, man-eating cannibals and a 'monkey man' are lurking the streets at night. [...]

Hindustan Times
26 February 2012
Police quell rumours of cannibal ‘monkey man’ on prowl in city
Little Yadav, Hindustan Times


Daily News & Analysis [India]
28 February 2012

Rumour-mongers keep Mumbai cops on their toes

By Preety Acharya & Dayanand Kamath

Place: Mumbai. Agency: DNA

It’s not terrorism or some serious crime that is keeping the police on their toes, but a rumour mill that is rife in various parts of the city at about the same time. While the police are daily introduced to a new rumour, they are trying their level best to dissuade people from believing them.

It all started with the slum colonies of the eastern suburbs, including Chembur, Govandi, Tilak Nagar, Nehru Nagar and Chunabhati areas, which were abuzz with a gang of tribals swooping down on the areas to abduct children. Soon, the rumours moved westward, with the MIDC area reporting cases where residents keeping night vigils to keep out a suspected gang, members of which can reduce their height at will to target women. [...]

“While women in the area have stopped coming out of their house at night, everyday somebody approaches us with a new story, like the latest being about gang members with blackened faces wearing special shoes that enables them to reduce their height,” said senior inspector Suresh Hujband of the MIDC police. [...]


The Indian Express
29 February 2012

Now, monkey men rumours claim two lives in Kandivali

Megha Sood : Mumbai

Though the Mumbai Police have dismissed rumours of ‘monkey men’ terrorising localities in the eastern and western suburbs, two men from Kandivali lost their lives on Monday night in the melee and stampede-like situation that followed an alleged sighting in the area.

Additional Commissioner of Police (North) Ramrao Pawar confirmed that such rumours were doing the rounds and they had asked people to stop believing them. While rumours that monkey men — who can climb tall trees with ease and jump over rooftops were trying to break into homes and kill residents before committing robberies — began from the Mulund-Bhandup area, they have now gradually spread to other areas, the police said. [...]

Daily News & Analysis [India]
29 February 2012
Of terrace-hopping creatures & child-eating ogres
Manoj R Nair


Times of India
29 February 2012

West too rocked by rumours


MUMBAI: Rumours have travelled west in Mumbai. The buzz about men robbing homes and abducting children in the eastern suburbs has now reached the western suburbs creating panic among residents. The western suburbs are now agog with talk of the "monkey man" abducting children since the last one week. [...]


Indian Express
3 March 2012

‘Monkey man’ rumour: Cops arrest 72 in crackdown

Megha Sood : Mumbai

The Mumbai Police have finally cracked the whip on rumours about ‘monkey men’ and the ‘chaddi baniyan gang’ floated in city’s suburbs, by arresting 72 people for allegedly spreading the rumours. [...]

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bugger Nothing, Bugger All


Sydney Morning Herald
3 February 2012

Column 8

''My uncle, a Changi POW, once told me of a funny incident that occurred in that dark place,'' recalls Tony Hunt, of Gordon, apropos nothing in particular. ''The Japanese commander, in an attempt to quell the Aussie inmates's irreverent attitude and thinking he had a fair grasp of their vernacular, assembled the recalcitrant rag-tag bunch and sternly lectured them about camp discipline. He never knew what he had said but it took half an hour to restore order when he finished with: 'In conclusion you think I know bugger nothing about your activities but, in reality, I know bugger all.'''

Hair Loss Caused by Tap Water (UAE)


Emirates 24/7 [Dubai]
2 February 2012

Falling Hair? I take my shower with me wherever I go
UAE residents primarily blame tap water for their hair loss but experts think otherwise

By Majorie van Leijen

It is an often heard rumor that the water streaming from the taps in the UAE is the cause of hair loss and an end number of solutions are available to avoid losing some more. How true is it?

Ask any woman who once came to the UAE for the first time, and she will tell you that it was her hair that was most unhappy with the change of place. Many women, as well as some men, claim to have suffered great loss of hair ever since they put their foot in the UAE. [...]