Thursday, February 16, 2012

KKK Tunnels Under Tillamook?

Tillamook Headlight-Herald [OR]
15 February 2012

KKK tunnels under Tillamook? ODOT radar says not likely

Anthony Rimel

Most Tillamook residents have probably heard the legend - there are tunnels under the city. The story is the Ku Klux Klan built them as a part of some unknown clandestine plans.

The mystery of what's under Tillamook has recently had some intriguing new developments from an unexpected source - the Oregon Department of Transportation.

In preparation for the planned changes to Highway 101, ODOT hired a contractor to do some initial surveys using ground-penetrating microwave radar (GPMR) to look for basements underneath city sidewalks. The images produced by GPMR look like X-ray,s and the contractor will use software to combine the images with coordinate data to build a model of whatever is under the sidewalk.

Although the data is not yet completely compiled, initial results have not found much of anything that extends under the sidewalks.

Bill Johnston, an ODOT project manager, said basements of the buildings adjacent to the sidewalks they surveyed were intermittent, and not many of them extended under the sidewalk. [...]