Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ring Thieves Cut Off Hands of Taxi Passengers in NYC

Fran├žoise Mouly, currently a book publisher and the art editor of the New Yorker, in 1974 left Paris for the U.S. as a teenager on her own.

Jeet Heer, In Love with Art: Fran├žoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2013), pp. 25-6.

‘Before I left, my mother said to be really careful when I took a cab because in New York,  because when a cab stops at a red light, bandits open the door and cut off your hands with a machete to steal your rings.’ Mouly laughs about it now – both at the fear-mongering image and at the notion that she could afford a cab anyway.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Penis Captivus (Yeoville, South Africa)

Daily Sun [South Africa]
23 February 2015

Cops clash with crowd outside a block of flats where two horny lovers could not be separated

By Everson Luhanga

THE CHEATER had been warned: “Leave my wife alone! I have put special muthi in her punani.”

But the cheaters again ignored the warning and ended up getting stuck together.

22 February 2015

By Tintswalo Baloyi

Johannesburg — IT reads like an excerpt from a horror movie or comedy and at times a thriller!

In what can also be referred as to stuff myths are made of, a pair of lovers were said to be stud-tied at an apartment in Yeoville after an intimate sex session while the woman's husband, a cross boarder transport operator, was away in Zimbabwe.

Spreading like veldfire, the reports sparked a melee as thousands thronged the said flat at the suburb to catch a glimpse of the couple. […]

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rape Cult Wears Rings on Genitals (Philippines, 2015)

Philippine Daily Inquirer
18 February 2015

Frinston L. Lim

TAGUM CITY, Davao del Norte, Philippines – Residents of several villages in Panabo City have expressed fears over reports of unidentified men roaming in communities, knocking on houses and sexually abusing women.

But police on Tuesday belied reports about the existence of a 100-strong “sex cult” even as four suspects had been arrested in various areas of the city. Police insisted reports about prowling sex maniacs were blown out of proportion. […]

Local authorities said the cult’s modus included knocking houses and raping women they could found inside. The group purportedly attacks during the night.

Its members allegedly put a metal ring on their genitals so as to injure their hapless victims. […]