Friday, August 30, 2013

Plasma TV Powder Drug Craze

The Post [South Africa]
29 August 2013


Johannesburg - Eight murders in three months in Alexandra allegedly have one thing in common: a plasma TV.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that a group of men, known as the Plasma Gang, are stealing the televisions to retrieve a powder which is being used in a dangerous drug cocktail. […]

Sowetan Live [South Africa]
30 August 2013
30 August 2013

Article By: Gia Nicolaides, EWN

Police were adamant on Friday that a spate of plasma television thefts in Alexandra was not linked to the manufacturing of drugs. […]

The Independent [South Africa]
31 August 2013
By Noni Mokati

Eyewitness News [South Africa]
24 September 2013

Gia Nicolaides

JOHANNESBURG – Eyewitness News has conducted an experiment proving that the powder found inside plasma television screens cannot be used to manufacture drugs. […]