Friday, August 23, 2019

Bottles of Water Deter Dogs (India) – School Designed by Prison Architect (MI) – Hamburgers Contain Human Meat (SC)

Pune Mirror [India]
21 August 2019

Citizens resort to vermillion-mixed potion to keep stray dogs at bay

Residents of Kasba Peth, an area infamous for being infested with stray dogs, seem to struggle to come to terms with canines residing in their locality. […] For the lack of a better alternative and unable to cope with the human animal conflict, they are now filling plastic bottles with water mixed with vermillion and placing them outside their residences and stores in the vicinity. The potion seems to have driven away 90 per cent of the strays from the area, they claimed. […]

Navhind Times [India]
11 October 2018

What’s in the colourful bottles?

Have you ever noticed how bottles filled with blue, purple, pink, and red liquid are kept outside several houses in Goa? These bottles are either placed just outside the entrance or in the compound or the garden area. While some people have placed just one or two bottles, others have surrounded their compound with these. Sounds strange? Well, the reason is even stranger! With stray dogs and monkeys often causing a nuisance by invading private property, it turns out these bottles are a way of keeping them away. […]


Washington Post
22 August 2019

A new high school will have sleek classrooms — and places to hide from a mass shooter

[…] A $48 million major construction project at Fruitport High School [in western Michigan] will add curved hallways to reduce a gunman’s range, jutting barriers to provide cover and egress, and meticulously spaced classrooms that can lock on demand and hide students in the corner, out of a killer’s sight. […] [Architect Matt] Slagle said he was careful with his design. His firm also designs prisons, and he said it wanted to strike a balance between security and a welcoming presence without the pendulum swinging too far in either direction. […]

[Years from now will students believe that the school was originally designed to be a prison?]

The Daily Texan [University of Texas at Austin]
23 January 2018

Creating Campus: Was Jester designed by a prison architect?

Towering above neighboring buildings on the south side of UT’s campus, many students joke that the dull, dreary-looking Jester Center looks like a prison. Some even believe that a few of the dormitory’s inner features parallel those of a penitentiary. “I went into the showers and I had to bend to reach the showerheads, and someone told me the architect had designed it so that prisoners couldn’t hang themselves,” said nutrition freshman Jerrica Garza, a resident of Jester East. “Makes sense I guess.” Arguably, the most widely-believed urban legend about UT’s campus is that Jester was designed by architects specializing in prisons. I was really hoping this would be true, but it’s actually just cringeworthy folklore. […]


Index-Journal [Greenwood, SC]
23 August 2019

Officials: DQ burgers aren't made out of people

As a blizzard of rumors circulated on social media in the aftermath of a coordinated raid in Abbeville, Greenwood and Orangeburg counties by federal agents on Wednesday, the most outlandish may have been that a popular fast food restaurant was using a wince-inducing ingredient in their burgers. Greenwood County Coroner Sonny Cox and state health inspectors are clear, however: Dairy Queen’s ground beef patties are not made out of people. […]

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Gentleman Walks on the Outside (cartoon) – Clown with Knife (UK) – Flat Earth Bet (New Zealand)

News Shopper [UK]
20 August 2019

Clown waving knife chases kids in Mottingham, mum warns

Terrified kids screamed for their parents after a fully grown man dressed as a clown "ran at them with a knife". Zoe Woodward said her kids, Frankie, eight, and Stephen, six, were chased by a "fully grown man" with a knife while playing in a garden. The frightening ordeal happened on Sunday, August 18, at around 6pm on Sennen Walk in Mottingham. […]


Otago Daily Times [New Zealand]
20 August 2019

Threat to kill alleged over $10k flat Earth bet

$10,000 bet between two Queenstown men over whether the Earth is flat or round resulted in one being charged with threatening to kill the other. Jamie Mathew Sutherland (36), car groomer, of Frankton, denied threatening to kill Louie Lanz in Queenstown on February 14 - an incident which resulted from a dinner the pair had a couple of months earlier, during which the bet was made. […]

Good Times (San Francisco), vol. 3, no. 18, 1 May 1970, p. 8. “The custom of the gentleman walking on the outside originated as a method of determining whether or not a lady was a prostitute.” Note how the shrewd “gentleman” in the middle manages to avoid being splashed by the wagon and the chamber pot.