Friday, October 24, 2014

Theme Park Virus Turns Fingers Black (Malaysia)

Astro Awani [Malaysia]
23 October 2014

Haider Yutim and Syafique Shuib

KUALA LUMPUR: A water theme park today dismissed a rumour that went viral on WhatsApp recently which claimed that a group of kindergarten kids had been infected with a virus and then hospitalised after bathing there.

The management of Wet World Water Park Shah Alam said no such cases have been reported to date. […]

Recently, a 'report' went viral on social media, particularly the WhatsApp application, claiming that a group of preschool children who had patronised the venue were infected with a virus that made their fingers turn black and needed to be amputated, in addition to suffering blisters on the mouth. […]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fear of Armed Clowns (France)

The Local [France]
17 October 2014

There was both panic - and a good deal of skepticism - in several small towns in northern France this week after students reported they had been followed or threatened by an armed clown in three separate incidents.[…]

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Italian Couple Get Stuck in Frolic at Sea

The Local [Italy]
15 October 2014

An Italian couple wound up in hospital after getting stuck together while romping in the sea in the Marche region.

Il Mattino reported that the amorous couple were making the most of a warm day, and a practically deserted beach, when they decided to take a dip in the ocean at Porto San Giorgio to express their love.

But their lovemaking came to an embarrassing end when the man was unable to extricate himself from the woman due to suction, the newspaper said.

They remained in the water until they caught the attention of a woman walking along the beach, who gave them a towel after they struggled back to the shore.

A doctor was called and they were taken to a hospital emergency room. There the woman was given an injection usually used to dilate the uterus of pregnant women, in order to untangle the couple. […]