Sunday, October 9, 2016

Swimming Pool Regularly Drained After Blacks Use It

Quad City Times [Davenport, Iowa]
9 October 2016

Bill Wundram

Truth can easily escape. One persistent urban myth surrounds the old Natatorium, once Davenport's block-long downtown swimming pool at the foot of Main Street. It was built in 1922 and razed in 1977.

The urban myth makes the claim that for years, African-Americans were permitted to swim at the Nat only one day a week. Then, the 500,000 gallons of water would be drained, and the pool refilled next day.

This unbelievable story was told and retold so many times that a plaque stating just that was posted in 2011 during an effort to create a civil rights walking trail. […]

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Condoms Prohibited at Duquesne University

The Duquesne Duke
29 September 2016

Raymond Arke
Staff Writer

It’s time to unwrap the rumors and roll out the facts — condoms are allowed on campus.

According to interviews conducted by The Duke, many students are under the impression that condoms are prohibited by Duquesne and possession of them can result in a fine. However, that is not the case. […]

Aaron Thomas, a senior physician assistant major is the RA for the ninth floor of Towers. He finds the rumor laughable.

“I have to say that it’s just hilarious that this rumor goes around every single year,” Thomas said.

He added that Duquesne is a bit different than other Catholic universities.

“There’s no ban on sex here, either,” he said, even though a tenet of Catholicism is abstinence until marriage.

“At Duquesne we do not reprimand those who do not follow every Catholic teaching, since our Mission Statement focuses on diversity,” Thomas said. […]

Teacher Killed All the Students in Binghamton, NY, Schoolhouse

Press & Sun-Bulletin [Binghamton, NY]
29 September 2016

Gerald Smith, Correspondent

[…] Working in the reference department of the Broome County Public Library for over 20 years gave me several instances where I had to explain to someone why what they thought was true was not. […] [T]he one I was always asked to answer was to tell them about the psychotic schoolteacher who went berserk one day and slaughtered all of students of the Ingraham Hill Schoolhouse in the Town of Binghamton. The murdered students were then buried next door in the Ingraham Hill Cemetery. […]

I am not sure how this urban legend might have started, but started it did. About every two years, young students would be sent to the library, or deduce that our place was the one place that could answer this puzzle. Being the county historian, I was brought in to answer these perplexed young people.

I told them that this legend has no basis in truth. Yes, there was the Ingraham Hill Schoolhouse, and yes, next to it is the Ingraham Hill Cemetery. But that is where the connection ends. I would point out that if the teacher had indeed killed all of those students, why are all the dates of the 123 people buried in the cemetery different from each other? […]