Monday, April 23, 2018

Street Bollards Hide Surveillance Cameras (China)

South China Morning Post
23 April 2018

Police in a city in southern China have denied online rumours that they secretly installed surveillance cameras in bollards by roads, a news website reported. […] Black devices installed in the bollards, which social media posts described as cameras, were LED lights that flashed in the dark, police added. […]

Vietnam Vet Spat Upon (Family Guy Episode)

“Family Guy through the Years.” Family Guy, season 16, episode 16, Fox Broadcasting Company, 22 April 2018. In a story that takes place in 1973, Peter Griffin announces to his family that his friend Quagmire is coming home from Vietnam. “His tour just ended and his transport should be getting in soon. So let’s head down to the airfield and give our soldiers the respect they deserve.” At the airfield, Peter greets his friend. “Welcome home, Quagmire!” he says, and spits on his face. Peter’s wife says, “Good to see you back safely, Glenn.” Then she, too, spits on him. The Griffins’ dog shouts “Murderer!” and Peter scolds him. “Show some respect.” “Sorry,” says the dog, who dutifully spits on the soldier.

U-Boat Rumoured to Have Helped Nazis Escape to Argentina is Discovered

The Independent [UK]
19 April 2018

A submarine linked to rumours that Adolf Hitler survived and escaped to Argentina in a U-boat has been discovered – lying wrecked at the bottom of the North Sea between Denmark and Norway.

Submarine U-3523 had been one of a new generation of type XXI U-boats that were able to run more silently and stay submerged for longer than any of their predecessors, with a range that would have allowed them to sail non-stop from Europe to South America.

As such it would have been perfect escape vessel for Nazi gold, high-ranking officials or even Hitler himself as the Reich collapsed at the end of the Second World War. […]