Saturday, April 30, 2011

LAPD Warning About UPS Uniforms

[LAPD = Los Angeles Police Department.]

Entered By: LAPD - West Valley
Entered On: Friday April 29th, 2011 :: 02:12 p.m. PDT

UPS Uniforms
Government Warning regarding purchase of UPS uniforms:

There has been a huge purchase, $32,000 worth, of United Parcel Service (UPS) uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. This could represent a serious threat as bogus drivers (terrorists) can drop off anything to anyone with deadly consequences! If you have ANY questions when a UPS driver appears at your door they should be able to furnish VALID I.D.

Additionally, if someone in a UPS uniform comes to make a drop off or pick up, make absolutely sure they are driving a UPS truck. UPS doesn't make deliveries or pickups in anything, except a company vehicle. If you have a problem, call your local law enforcement agency right away!

TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Tell everyone in your office, your family, your friends, etc. Make people aware so that we can prepare and/or avoid terrorist attacks on our people! Thank you for your time in reviewing this and PLEASE send to EVERYONE on your list, even if they are friend or foe. We should all be aware!

U.S.Department of Homeland Security
Bureau Customs and Border Protection
Washington, DC20229

LAPD - West Valley
19020 Vanowen St
Los Angeles, CA 91335

Entered By: LAPD - West Valley
Entered On: Friday April 29th, 2011 :: 03:25 p.m. PDT

UPS Uniforms *** UPDATE ***

Unfortunately the info re: UPS Uniforms came from another Law Enforcement Agency in the State of California purporting the validity of the information. This "INFO" is, apparently an Internet myth.

However, the advice is good in that you should always verify the delivery service has arrived with their own company vehicle.

Our deepest APOLOGIZES from the LAPD WVY Area !!!

LAPD - West Valley
19020 Vanowen St
Los Angeles, CA 91335

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brigham Young University Stores Food

Universe [Brigham Young University, Utah]
27 April 2011

BYU debunks food storage myths

By Hunter Schwarz

College living conditions can make it difficult for BYU students to follow the counsel of leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to maintain food storage, and thanks to a persistent rumor, many have assumed the University could provide for them in the event of an emergency.

[...] Rumors about BYU’s alleged food storage range from a belief there is enough for more than 30,000 students to last three days, to a notion there is food stocked to provide for the surrounding community as well. [...]

Anabas Causes Cancer

Viet Nam News
28 April 2011

Tien Giang rejects fish cancer rumour

TIEN GIANG — Rumours that eating square-head anabas causes cancer were untruthful, said deputy director of the Tien Giang Aquaculture Department Phan Huu Hoi.

The rumours have caused great public concern in the southern province for the past 10 days, affecting the trade and consumption of the fish. [...]

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Organ Theft Rumors (Philippines)

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Visayan Daily Star [Bacolod City, Philippines]
26 April 2011

Human organ trafficking scare hits


[...] Reports said members of a syndicate involved in human organ trafficking, were the suspects in the abduction of minors in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, and Cebu. The abducted minors are reportedly being killed and their internal organs removed for sale by the syndicate. [...]

Sun Star Bacolod [Philippines]
27 April 2011

Police to intensify monitoring vs human organ trafficking

By Merlinda A. Pedrosa

BACOLOD City Police Office (BCPO) Director Ricardo De la Paz on Tuesday directed the BCPO Intelligence Branch to intensify its monitoring on alleged human organ trafficking in Negros Occidental. [...]
ABS-CBN News [Philippines]
27 April 2011
Organ trafficking scare reaches Negros

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Organ Theft Rumors (Shanghai)

Shanghai Daily
21 April 2011

Police ease organ theft fears

By Dong Zhen

SHANGHAI police yesterday clarified there is no confirmed threat of gangsters roaming the city's streets trying to kidnap young women in order to steal their organs after a women's story of an attempted abduction spread rapidly online. [...]

Shanghai Daily
26 April 2011

Rumor about girls killed for organs ends with man's arrest

By Pan Zheng

THE suspect linked to the disappearance of a teenage girl in Fujian Province has been captured and the girl's body has been found, dismissing the online rumor that several girls had been murdered by organ traffickers, Chinese News Service reported today.

The 31-year-old suspect surnamed Lin was seized by police in Xiapu County on April 21 and was facing charges of kidnapping and murdering the 17-year-old Zhang Zhili on April 9, the report said. [...]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Swedish Women Fake Rape to Claim Insurance

The Local [Sweden]
15 April 2011

'Swedish women fake rape to claim payouts'

A Swedish woman accused of trumping up rape accusations while on holiday in Greece exemplifies a persistant view in the Mediterranean country that Swedish women bring false rape complaints to get payouts from special 'rape insurance'. [...]
The Local [Sweden]
20 April 2011
Second Swedish woman reports 'fake rape' slur

Thursday, April 14, 2011

UPS Uniforms Used By Terrorists

Foster's Daily Democrat [NH]

14 April 2011

Old hoax, new target: Shipyard e-mail warns of terrorists disguised in UPS uniforms


KITTERY, Maine -- An old e-mail hoax has earned new life following its circulation among the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Wednesday.

The e-mail warns of a large purchase of UPS (United Parcel Service) uniforms through the Internet auction website eBay during the last 30 days. [...]

Chinese Restaurant Serves Guinea Pigs

Bunbury Mail [UK]

13 April 2011

Chinese whispers hurt business


A BUNBURY restaurant which has been the centre of horrifying rumours is determined to clear its name.

Marlston Hill Chinese Restaurant owners have battled vicious ongoing gossip about cleanliness and food quality for more than a year.

Current owner Franky Wong took over the business about five months ago and said he was warned to expect the stories.

“People have said we use guinea pigs in our cooking and other ridiculous things,” Mr Wong said. [...]

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fake Eggs

The Star [Malaysia]

7 April 2011

Homemaker shocked over ‘fake eggs’ find

GEORGE TOWN: A woman who bought a tray of eggs in Pulau Tikus had a shock when she found them to be “fake eggs”. [...]

The Star [Malaysia]

7 April 2011

'Fake' eggs seized from Pulau Tikus market


The Star [Malaysia]

8 April 2011

Cracking the fake egg scam


The Star [Malaysia]

8 April 2011

Rumour of fakes on the Net

GEORGE TOWN: E-mail claiming the existence of fake eggs have been circulating among Internet users for some time. However, it only caught the attention of Malaysians when a housewife lodged a complaint with the Consumers Association of Penang, claiming that she had bought a tray of “fake eggs”. [...]

The Malay Mail [Malaysia]

10 April 2011

Liow: 'Fake' eggs samples found to be genuine


KUANTAN: A preliminary study on samples of 'fake' eggs by the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MOSTI) found them to be genuine.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said this is based on chemical tests on the egg shell protein, white and yolk. [...]

The Malay Mail [Malaysia]

11 April 2011

DNA tests show eggs are genuine


KUALA LUMPUR: A DNA analysis of four chicken egg samples from Penang by the Chemistry Department found that the eggs are genuine.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the analysis found that the protein content of egg samples were similar to chicken eggs. [...]

The Malay Mail [Malaysia]

11 April 2011

Seri Menanti: Of eggs and fakes

By Rusdi Mustapha

[...] The truth of the matter is the fake egg is a case of unbridled and unchecked capitalism that has gone completely berserk and out of control. [...]

The Star [Philippines]

12 April 2011

CAP sticks to claim some eggs are not genuine


GEORGE TOWN: The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) is sticking to its claim that some of the eggs sold at the Pulau Tikus market were fake, saying the ones taken for testing were the wrong ones. [...]

The Star [Malaysia]
8 May 2011

Are fake eggs for real?

[...] I think “fake eggs” is an elaborate prank, a hoax like the Piltdown Man. -- Dr Lim Chin Lam, Penang

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Martin Luther King Wrote "Dream" Speech in Liverpool

The Daily Express [UK]

4 April 2011


By Jan Disley

TOURISM chiefs have been left red-faced over a bizarre claim that Martin Luther King wrote his famous “I have a dream” speech at a Liverpool hotel. The boast appears in a guide that was commissioned by the city council and other official bodies. A map in Liverpool Discovers highlights more than 20 places where famous local people were born or with which they are associated. The guide proclaims: “Martin Luther King visited his supporters in Liverpool three times and the first draft of his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech is alleged to have been written on Adelphi Hotel headed notepaper.” [...]

Daily Mail [UK]

5 April 2011

Raised eyebrows over claim that Martin Luther King wrote 'I have a dream' speech in Liverpool

By Daily Mail Reporter

BBC News [UK]

5 April 2011

Apology over Liverpool origins of Luther King speech

Organisers of an art project have apologised over claims Martin Luther King Jnr's "I have a dream" speech was penned in Liverpool's Adelphi Hotel. [...]

Liverpool Echo

5 April 2011

Historians probe Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech

By John Sutton