Sunday, September 22, 2013

Al Capone in Benld

The Telegraph [Alton, IL]
22 September 2013

For The Telegraph

BENLD — In a town the size of Benld, the phrase “urban legend” may be a misnomer. But rumors of gangster Al Capone in the town persist, eight decades later.

Though unproven, many residents of this southern Macoupin County village of some 1,600 residents believe that Capone conducted all sorts of illegal business in Benld, including the manufacture of bootleg liquor. A mining town established in 1904 with a large immigrant population, Benld boasted 3,300 residents with at least 32 saloons around the start of Prohibition and has been described as a sort of “frontier town,” based on its lawless reputation. [...]

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Soldier Refused Service (Methil, Fife, UK)

Fife Today [UK]
18 September 2013

A Methil take-away owner has hit out at a malicious rumour which has spread saying he refused to serve a British soldier.

Zahid Anjum, owner of Chanda Cottage on the town’s Sea Road, said the accusation which started on Facebook is simply not true. […]

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Burglars' Chalk Symbols

Manchester Evening News [UK]
5 September 2013

It is believed that the marking could have been made by a would-be burglar who leaves small chalk symbols on the side of properties in preparation to commit crime   

By Katie Fitzpatrick