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Worms in Vaginas (Africa)


Mmegi [Botswana]
27 February 2006

Rumours And More Rumours

By Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe

One of the latest rumours in Gaborone goes thus: Four University of Botswana (UB) female students are being tormented by worms in their private parts after they slept with Nigerian men after a drinking spree. [...]


Vaal Weekly [South Africa]
21 May 2008

Forced to 'lick his worms'

By Lazarus Dithagiso

VANDERBIJLPARK. - Women fear for their lives as rumours of a Hummer-driving pervert sexually exploiting female pedestrians are spreading like wildfire.

The man is estimated to be in his fifties and he targets women aged anywhere between 18 and 35 years of age. His modus operandi is that he allegedly lures female pedestrians with his expensive vehicle and showers them with expensive gifts before taking them to a luxurious hotel, which he also claims to be the owner of.

At the hotel, the assailant apparently threatens his victims with a firearm and forces them to have oral sex with him. The man is also reported to be wearing disposable nappies. [...]


News24.com [South Africa]
30 September 2008

Hummer man, sex worms a myth

Oris Mnisi & Thandy Ndlovu

Polokwane - Limpopo health officials have denied rumours that a growing number of women are seeking treatment for worms in their vaginas.

Rumours are doing the rounds that, in the past two months, a man driving a black Hummer has slept with and infected women from Phalaborwa to Polokwane, Mankweng, Mokopane.

"We are very concerned about these malicious rumours because curious people are flocking to our health facilities to catch a glimpse of these non-existent patients," said provincial health spokesperson Phuti Seloba.

He said some people arrive with R30 and ask hospital staff to buy liver with it, because they've heard that if the liver is placed on the woman's vagina, it will draw out the worms. [...]


Merinews [India]
29 September 2008

A South African, spreads worms through sex

A South African man spreads worms through sex with young girls. He impresses them by conducting himself like a gentleman. Soon the girl is eating out of his hand; that’s when he reveals his true colours; it’s too late for the girl to back out.

Kgobalale Peter Moruthane

SINCE JUNE this year, there have been rumours all over South Africa about a man spreading worms through sex with young girls. The rumours, which shocked the people, turned out to be true in the beginning of this month (September). Four girls from Limpopo province are reported to have been victimised by this unknown man and a fifth one reportedly survived after fleeing from his hotel room in the Mokopane area of Limpopo. [...]


Times of Swaziland
2 November 2008

To all the young women out there: be warned!


MBABANE—There is a mystery man who is preying on young women—charming them with fancy things and money then inducing them to have sex with him.

However, in the process, he is believed to infect them with a strange sickness which is in his manhood.

The man is said to be using the name Geoffrey and is also alleged to be of South African origin.

He is alleged to be so determined to spread the strange sickness that those who have had an encounter with him say it makes him wear baby pampers. [...]


Times of Swaziland
5 November 2008

10-year-old escapes clutches of ‘worms man’


MBABANE – A primary pupil is lucky to be alive after escaping from the clutches of the man who has been reported to be on the prowl to intentionally infect women with a deadly disease.

This is the same man who is said to drive around in luxurious cars and has worms in his private parts. The man, known as ‘Geoffrey’ is estimated to be in his 50s. [...]


Times of Swaziland
5 November 2008

Worms man’s victim admitted to hospital?


MANZINI – Following widespread reports of a man who is prowling on women to infect them with a strange disease, there have been circulating rumours that one of his victims has been admitted to a local hospital.

It has been gathered that the woman who is in her mid 20s was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago and has been receiving treatment since then.

Due to the severity of her sickness, it has been gathered that she has been sleeping on her hospital bed with her legs stretched wide apart.

It is said that her private parts were grossly affected by the disease, which causes genital warts that go to the extent of developing worms.

A story that did rounds in one of the big churches in Manzini was to the effect that people were only allowed to see the woman at a cost of E10, which she wanted to use to cover medical costs. [...]


Times of Swaziland
6 November 2008

Show us worms man


MANZINI - Members of the public are spitting fire on the issue of the so called ‘Mr Hummer’ who is alleged to be prowling on women with the intention to infect them with a strange disease.

People have varying feelings about the man of South African origin who allegedly entices women with loads of cash and groceries before dating them in luxurious hotels and infecting them with the disease that causes worms on their private parts. [...]


Times of Swaziland
7 November 2008

Worms man fear grips the country

By NATHI GULE (News Editor)

MBABANE – Unparalleled curiosity, anxiety and fear has gripped the country following the reports of a ‘rich’ armed man on the loose with a rare ‘worms’ sickness targeting women.

The police have been receiving more than 100 calls a day from worried members of the public ever since the Times SUNDAY broke the news of the man allegedly in ‘diapers’ driving a variety of sleek vehicles luring women with money to infect them with his sickness.

Police are still investigating the validity of the claims of the attacks on the women, but so far no one has come out to lay a formal complaint against him except a 10-year-old primary school girl who alleges she escaped his clutches.

The Times has gathered that the peak time of the calls to the police is the afternoon and people have been divulging leads on the story claiming to have either spotted him or had a brief encounter with him. No one, though, has told the police she was infected except for people claiming to know people infected only for those leads to turn out to be wild goose chases. [...]


Time of Swaziland
7 November 2008

National warning from the police

By Nathi Gule

MBABANE - Police have issued a national warning to all women and children—"you are banned from accepting free rides."

They have also warned people from accepting money and free gifts from strangers.

This follows widespread reports that there is an armed man with ‘worms’ on his private parts who is on the loose targeting females. [...]


Time of Swaziland
7 November 2008

Special cops units hot on worms man’s heels


MBABANE – Two special police units are combing the country in search of the mystery ‘worms man’. [...]


Times of Swaziland
8 November 2008

Drama as cops mistake PS for worms man


MBABANE- A Principal Secretary (PS) in one of the government ministries was ridiculed and embarrassed by police on Wednesday night after they pounced on him, mistaking him for the mystery man otherwise known as the WORMS MAN.

There was drama at the Zeeman’s Filling Station when four police vehicles surrounded the PS’ car where they demanded to search both him and his car without telling him what they were looking for. [...]


Weekend Observer [Swaziland]
8 November 2008

Worms man...one great hoax!

By Fanyana Mabuza

Is it one major hoax or not? This is one question raging in many people's minds over the widespread reports of a man who is on a sexually transmitted diseases rampage, and with a will to infect every woman he comes across with a rare genital warts illness. [...]


Times of Swaziland
9 November 2008

Pupil identifies ‘Worms Man’


MBABANE—The much anticipated capture or identification of the so-called ‘worms man’ proves to be a tall yet attainable order for the police seven days after this newspaper published the story.

However, one of the worms man’s supposedly survivors positively identified the picture e-mailed to this newspaper as that of the man whom she escaped last-week. [...]


Times of Swaziland
12 November 2008

Look out for ‘Worms Man’


HLUTI - In the wake of reports of a man who is in a mission to infect women with a worm disease, some schools in the region have cautioned pupils to be on the lookout. [...]


Times of Swaziland
13 November 2008

Worms man just a myth


MBABANE – The story of a man allegedly going around infecting women with genital worms is nothing but a myth, if reports from South Africa are anything to go by.

In fact, The Times of Swaziland has established that the story was created in Botswana as early as February 2006. [...]

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mayor Wonders if Barack Obama is the Antichrist


WCNC-TV [Charlotte, NC]
27 September 2008

Mayor 'just curious' if Obama is antichrist

By STUART WATSON / NewsChannel 36

FORT MILL, S.C. -- Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk says he was "just curious" when he forwarded a chain e-mail suggesting Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is the biblical antichrist. "I was just curious if there was any validity to it," Funderburk said in a telephone interview. "I was trying to get documentation if there was any scripture to back it up." [...]


Fort Mill Times [SC]
1 October 2008

Fort Mill Mayor's Obama e-mail causes furor

By Jonathan Allen

The phone at Town Hall was ringing off the hook Monday following revelations over the weekend that Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk passed along a chain e-mail suggesting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is the Antichrist. [...]


Star-Telegram [Fort Worth, Texas]
15 October 2008

In political smear e-mail, the devil's in the details


Only "a nut or a con artist" would say Barack Obama might be the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation, says a Baptist pastor in South Texas.

Unfortunately for the Rev. John Tisdale, that e-mail is circling the world - signed with his name. [...]

Friday, September 26, 2008

"This is not your mark"

Sydney Morning Herald
27 September 2008

Column 8

[...] "Derry Thomas's tale of an enterprising student using images of Auckland to illustrate his India assignment sparked memories from the 1970s of my brother Geoffrey's high school project on the tundra," recalls Lori Face, of Wamberal. "Lacking in both time and material, but not audacity, he captioned a Borneo jungle scene replete with native Dayaks with 'This is not the tundra and these are not eskimos.' His teacher duly marked and returned said project with '10/10. This is not your mark."'

Gang Initiation: Rape & Stabbings (Regina, Sask.)


Regina Leader-Post [Saskatchewan, Canada]
25 September 2008

E-mail about gang initiations false: Regina police
E-mail warning of 'rapes and stabbings' is a hoax, say police

Jana G. Pruden , Leader-Post

REGINA -- An e-mail warning that gang members are randomly raping and stabbing women as part of an initiation is a hoax, according to city police.

The e-mail, under the subject line "YOU NEED TO KNOW," warns that there have been "a tremendous amount of rapes and stabbings" against women in Regina recently. The information is purported to come from a woman who works in a city hospital.

"The gang in Regina is called NS (Native Syndication) (sic) and they are now going through Initiation," the e-mail says. "What these gang members do is break into your vehicles and hide in the back. They are also grabbing women out of their cars at stop signs, red lights, etc. Their initiation is to rape and stab." [...]

Gang Initiation: Gas Station Assault (Pontiac, MI)


WDIV-TV [Detroit]
22 September 2008

Pontiac Gas Station Text Threat Circulating
Validity Of Attacks Unclear

PONTIAC, Mich. -- Pontiac police are looking for answers to numerous residents' concerns about a gang initiation that was threatened via text messages on Friday.

Police sent out a release to news agencies confirming they had received numerous calls from residents who were concerned about text messages and e-mails about a local gang initiation during which members would physically assault a random female while she was pumping gas.

The messages did not state which gas station the attack would occur at but indicated that the attack would happen between 6 and 8 p.m., police said. [...]


The Flint Journal [MI]
1 October 2008

Internet hoax about gang targeting women at Genesee County gas stations sparking panic

by The Flint Journal

GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan -- An apparent Internet hoax is causing hysteria as rumors spread through text messages, e-mails and word-of-mouth about a supposed gang initiation involving shooting women in the head at gas stations.

State police said they have been flooded with calls about rumors that a woman had been shot. The rumors remain unsubstantiated, although panicked residents flooded police with telephone calls, parents pulled students out of school and at least one school district went into lockdown. [...]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Helicopters Dumped Rattlesnakes


Tidewater News [VA]
25 September 2008

Rattlesnake rumors `ridiculous,' state officials say

By R.E. Spears III

[...] With cell-phone photos to bolster their case, some Statesville-area residents reported recently that they had actually seen a rattlesnake -- reports differed on what kind -- in someone's yard.

Before long, a backstory had been created, with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries in the sinister role of the government agency trying to save a protected species by taking reckless actions that would endanger actual people in the community.

Helicopters with boxes full of rattlers had been seen flying over the area, and the reptiles had been "reintroduced" to Southampton County by game wardens dumping them into swampy, low-lying areas in southern Virginia or, possibly, as far south as North Carolina. [...]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fertility Waters


Associated Press
23 September 2008

Nicole Kidman credits fertile water with pregnancy

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman said swimming in Australian Outback "fertility waters" during production of her latest film may have contributed to her unexpected pregnancy over the past year.

The 41-year-old Aussie, who gave birth to daughter Sunday Rose in July, said she and six other women who swam in the waters of a small Outback town during production of the epic romance "Australia" fell pregnant. [...]


Sunday Times [Australia]
4 October 2008

Why they're girl crazy in Kununurra

Anthony Deceglie
KUNUNURRA locals are lapping up Nicole Kidman's belief that the town's waters are a pregnancy potion. [...]


Daily Telegraph [UK]
3 July 2009

Women clamour for Nicole Kidman's 'fertility water'

The waters of several remote Australian swimming holes are suddenly in high demand after Nicole Kidman claimed they helped her, and several other women, conceive their children. [...]

Soda Cans Infected by Rat Urine


KPAX-TV [Missoula, Montana]
23 September 2008

Soda can legend circulating in Gallatin Valley

An urban legend about soda can tops is making its rounds in the Gallatin Valley.

The legend comes from north Texas where a woman drank soda from a soda can that was infected by dried rat urine.

The legend concludes the woman died of Leptosporosis, a disease that is caused by liquids contaminated with animal feces, and claims soda cans are more contaminated than toilet seat covers. [...]

Eggs Balanced During Equinox


Dexter Daily Statesman [Missouri]
23 September 2008

They were "eggs"actly right!

By Mike McCoy
Statesman Staff Writer

Even though scientists readily dismiss the theory, Gregory Banken and friends at his business in downtown Dexter demonstrated that eggs could indeed be stood on their end during the fall equinox. They bought a dozen eggs Monday and began their experiment at exactly 11:44 a.m. That was the exact time when the earth's gravitational forces were perfectly aligned, according to Banken. They stood a dozen eggs on end at that time, and about 10 to 15 minutes later the eggs began to roll back to their sides. [...]

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Married Man's Bathwater


Daily Mail [UK]
22 September 2008

My funny old life: Julie Walters tells her story - and reveals some painful truths about her past

By Julie Walters

[...] Then, at secondary school, I laboured under the delusion, born of a rumour spread throughout my year, that if a girl had splayed feet, it meant that she had lost her virginity. It didn't occur to me that my mother's feet, for instance, pointed straight out in front.

I was also told by some informed soul that you could get pregnant by sitting in a married man's bathwater, so I always gave the bath a good rinse if my father had been in before me. [...]

Abridged extract from THAT'S ANOTHER STORY by Julie Walters.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurricane Ike Caused Mass Fatalities


Houston Chronicle
21 September 2008

For some, rumors harbor 'the truth' of Ike's carnage
Officials say talk of mass fatalities has no basis in fact


Images from Galveston and other areas along Texas' coast reveal the scope of Hurricane Ike's destructive power, while the death toll remains relatively low.

But, for some, the real story of the lives lost to Hurricane Ike remains untold.

Thousands of bodies are floating in the Gulf of Mexico, dangling from trees or otherwise obscured by debris and unaccounted for, these people insist in online forums and posted reader comments. A government conspiracy and media blackout are afoot, they say, which explains why those images remain unseen. [...]


KHOU-TV [Houston, TX]
24 September 2008

Busting the myths and rumors about Ike

Shern-Min Chow / 11 News

HOUSTON - When people don't have access to good information, rumors start to grow. One official called it "drawing pictures in the dark."

11 News has decided to shed some light on the myths, stories and rumors that have developed since Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast. [...]

Myth #1: Deadly diseases have leaked out of UTMB and the island was "nuked"

Myth #2: Twelve lab monkeys and two tigers are loose on the island

Myth #3: There are lots of bodies in Crystal Beach and Bolivar Penisula.

Myth #4: Grocery stores on generators had cold beer, but no milk in order to make a profit

Myth #5: A tiger and lion were loose on Bolivar Island.

Myth #6: Both animals were put down.

Myth #7: United Way is running a Food Stamp program.

Myth #8: Hotels aren't honoring the "no tax" policy

Friday, September 19, 2008

Auschwitz Rabbis Put God on Trial


The Jewish Chronicle [UK]
19 September 2008

Wiesel: Yes, we really did put God on trial

Jenni Frazer

The story that rabbis in Auschwitz once decided to put God on trial - and found him guilty - has frequently been assumed to be apocryphal.

But on Monday night, the Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel startled his audience at a Holocaust Educational Trust appeal dinner in London when he declared: "I was there when God was put on trial." [...]

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Various Football (Soccer) Legends


The Herald [UK]
17 September 2008

In sport, the more far-fetched, the more we want it to be true


[...] Urban myths are part of the fabric of following sport. They should be preserved and cherished, regardless of their veracity. [...]

[Various football (soccer) legends.]

Gang Initiation Shooting (Macon Mall, GA)


13WMAZ [Macon, GA]
16 September 2008

Police Debunk Mall E-mail Threat

Wrtier: Kari Corbett

Macon police say an email warning of possible gang violence at the Macon Mall appears to be a hoax.

Lt. Eric Walker with Macon Police says the department has tried to trace the e-mail forwarded from person to person to try to find its origin.

In a news release, he wrote that the department had received numerous phone calls and emails about the alleged threat. The email says gangs will be shooting people at the mall as part of a gang initiation. [...]


Macon Telegraph [GA]
17 September 2008

No substantiation of e-mail that threatens shooting, police say

By Ashley Tusan Joyner

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Snakes from a Tap


Palm Beach Post [FL]
15 September 2008

Forget on a plane, try snakes near the drain

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

[Elena Trowell, of Ocean Ridge, Florida, claims two snakes emerged from her bathtub faucet, "dismissing the opinions of utilities and officials and animal experts who called such a thing impossible."]

John McCain Invented the BlackBerry


Washington Post
16 September 2008

McCain Didn't Create BlackBerry, Despite Adviser's Claim

By Michael D. Shear and Robert Barnes

MIAMI -- John McCain did not invent the BlackBerry.

Early this morning, his top economic adviser claimed that he did. [...]

Friday, September 12, 2008

Buildings Containing Ashes Can't Be Torn Down


The Albany Herald [GA]
12 September 2008

Reader ignites “urning” for truth

Carlton Fletcher

ALBANY — There’s nothing people like better than a good urban legend, and Albany Herald reader David Chatman of Albany came up with a doozy concerning the current brouhaha surrounding the relocation of the Albany Museum of Art downtown to the so-called Holman Mule Barn on Pine Avenue.

Writes Chatman: “As a lifelong resident of Albany and having spent many hours of my earlier years in the downtown area, I remember prominent Albany residents telling that the ashes of ‘Old Man Holman’ (W.C. Holman) were interred within the urn that is still high atop the front of the building. The stories I remember being told were that ‘Old Man Holman’ had this done because there was a law in Georgia that assured his building could never be torn down other than through the ‘hands of God’ (a natural disaster). Maybe it’s time someone looked into this.” [...]

Ballots Mistaken For Trash


WPTV-TV [West Palm Beach, FL]
11 September 2008

Missing ballots mistaken for trash?

Reported by: Tim Malloy

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL -- Are the 3,478 missing ballots inside of a landfill?

Were they inadvertently thrown out by elections officials who thought they were trash? [...]


Palm Beach Post [FL]
11 September 2008

Ballots weren't thrown out with the trash

By Joel Engelhardt

Here's what we now know about Palm Beach County's missing ballots: They're not in a landfill, as Channel 5 WPTV alleged in a report on Wednesday night's 11 p.m. news.

The report said workers at one Boynton Beach location had run out of duffel bags to haul ballots to the election center on election night. So they used black plastic garbage bags instead. A "reliable law enforcement source" told the TV station that the garbage bag was thrown out and the ballots may be sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Sheesh. What hogwash. Ballots aren't even put in duffel bags, county election officials announced today at a news conference to kill the "urban legend" reported by Channel 5. [...]

Clock Stops at Inventor's Death

Carl Reiner, My Anecdotal Life (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2003), pp. 198, 206.

[Irving Reiner, Carl Reiner's father, was a watchmaker and inventor. His last invention was a clock powered by a "quasi-perpetual battery."]

He continued to work on this project for many years, finally handcrafting a handsome brass-trimmed, glass-domed pendulum clock. He was awarded two patents, one for the simple three-geared clock and one for a static-electricity battery that was capable of delivering two thousand volts and one milliamp.

By the time the patent papers came through, the clock had been in our dining/living room, proudly perched atop a breakfront -- or china closet, as my folks referred to it -- and had been ticking away for more than twenty years without once stopping.

* * *
[Irving Reiner's death was marked by a "strange coincidence." His other son, Charlie,] noticed that the perpetual battery, which had been powering Pop's clock for over fifty years, expired -- on the very day our father had.

[E766.1 Clock stops at moment of owner's death.]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 Rumor: Cell Phones Explode Bombs


BYU NewsNet [Brigham Young University, Utah]
11 September 2008

Students Recall When Two Towers Fell

By Lindsay Crandall and Chelsea Warren

Ask any student at BYU, and they will probably remember where they were and how they felt when the September 11 attacks happened.

Virginia Dickson, a junior majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic, related her first thoughts when she learned of the two planes crashing into the World Trade Center. [...]

"At lunch there were all these rumors," Dickson said. "Like people in New York couldn't use their cell phones because they would explode more bombs." [...]

Poor Quality Water Leads to Hair Loss (Dubai)


XPRESS [United Arab Emirates]
11 September 2008

The drop of life: Tapping pure water

By Vikram Singh Barhat, staff reporter

Hair loss, health concerns and high laundry bills are forcing people in Dubai to set up water purification systems.

For Shoukat Mohammad Dalal, a resident of Jumeirah Islands Community, it was a matter of saving his wife's lovely tresses.

"I had a water purification system installed six months ago. The water in Dubai is very hard and my wife tends to lose hair. My wife previously used to bathe in Masafi water. I don't want a wife who's bald. It might be better to invest in a water-softening machine than having to buy wigs for her. A lot of people I spoke to said the water is causing hair loss," said the British national. [...]

On hair loss due to poor quality of water in Dubai, Dr Rolf Soehnchen, dermatologist at the American Hospital Dubai, said: "Patients often come with this complaint here. I cannot tell you whether it's true or not. There is no study conducted in the context of water quality and hair loss in Dubai. I don't know if it's a rumour."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom


New York Times
9 September 2008

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom


CAIRO -- Seven years later, it remains conventional wisdom here that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda could not have been solely responsible for the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and that the United States and Israel had to have been involved in their planning, if not their execution, too. [...]

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gang Initiation: Rape (New Zealand)


Wairarapa Times-Age [New Zealand]
9 September 2008

That story about the man in the woman's car -- it's just a story

By Jamie Morton

Masterton police are playing myth-busters in a battle against an unfounded rumour causing widespread fear throughout the town.

The rumour, unrelated to any incident recently reported to police, described how a service station attendant warned a young female customer that a person had hidden in the back seat of her car while she was paying for petrol.

Various versions reported to the Times-Age claimed the incident had occurred at least two Masterton stations and claimed the stow-away was attempting to rape the young female customer to gain entry to gang. [...]

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sugar Daddy


Vancouver Sun [BC]
6 September 2008

Rolling back Uganda's early gains against AIDS

Kathryn May, Canwest News Service

A pretty, young university student was persuaded by her roommate to meet a "sugar daddy" who, in exchange for casual sex, would shower her with gifts, nights out on the town and even help pay tuition.

She slipped into the darkened car parked outside her dormitory for the first meeting and discovered the man behind the wheel was her father.

The story, told by a girl in a series of interviews held with university students by Population Services International (PSI), helped inspire a sobering and highly controversial billboard campaign that lines the streets of Kampala. [...]

Female Bestiality DVDS (Kenya)

[It's hard to know what to make of this article. The reporter writes that his paper is in possession of DVDs and videotapes showing women having sex with animals, yet an inspector for a Kenyan animal protection society says such reports of female bestiality are "unfounded rumours." Whatever the case may be, the claim that women, after having sex with animals, "book themselves in private hospitals where the animal semen is drained from their organs," seems doubtful. -- bc]


The Standard on Saturday [Kenya]
6 September 2008

Now call girls prefer animals

By Oscar Obonyo

Weird stories of men "raping" cows, hens and other domestic animals have been reported countrywide — the latest incident took place in Kisii last week. But now, young women are also claiming a portion of the bizarre drama.

The unnatural acts are not only shocking, horrifying and appalling, but also unbelievable, as investigations by The Standard On Saturday confirmed.

Unlike perverts who engage in deviant sex for "pleasure", our team found out that the girls instead offer "pleasure" to animals for a fee. That bill is footed by a cartel of individuals who record the action and sell the material overseas and locally. [...]

Store Owner Refuses to Serve Soldiers (Kansas)


El Dorado Times [KS]
5 September 2008

Rumor hurts convenience store

By Julie Clements
El Dorado Times

Someone has been starting rumors about a business in El Dorado.

Sohan Saroya, owner of Saroya's C-Store, the former Gail and Helen's, is concerned about the affects of these rumors on his business.

"He was saying for some reason people have started a rumor that his business doesn't support the troops," said Police Chief Tom Boren. [...]

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ice Cream Car

Allan Hendry, The UFO Handbook (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., 1979), p. 269.

A car owner complained to the dealer that whenever he drove to the grocery store, his success in restarting his automobile to go home depended on the flavor of ice cream that he bought. If he bought vanilla, he had no trouble starting his car; the opposite was true if he bought chocolate, strawberry, or any non-vanilla flavor. An engineer from the company accompanied the man on his shopping trips and confirmed that this connection did happen...but not for mystical reasons. The counter with vanilla ice cream was located next to the front door; all the other flavors were in the back of the store, which required more time to shop, and time for a vapor lock to form in his carburetor.

[Jan Harold Brunvand, Curses! Broiled Again!, 121-2; Brunvand, Too Good To Be True, 296-8.]

Drug-laced CDs


Jackson Free Press [MS]
3 September 2008

Urban Myth 101

by Ronni Mott

Last week, the Jackson Free Press received several e-mails proclaiming “Jackson Crime Alert” in the subject line. Obviously having been forwarded through dozens, maybe hundreds of prior e-mail addresses, the story the e-mails tell is about a man named Hong Kong, who peddles his hip-hop CDs in neighborhood parking lots and gas stations in Jackson. Hong Kong and his cohort supposedly followed “Jennifer and I” from “the Brookshire’s gas station off Beasley and Adkins” in their “big royal blue car (sparkly) with tinted windows.”

The writer had been warned about buying CDs in another e-mail. “This CD was laced with some kind of drug and once you touched it after a few minutes it would then make you pass out,” she writes. [...]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Use Found for Collected Plastic Bottle Caps


The Charleston Gazette [WV]
3 September 2008

Use found for bottle caps collected in cancer hoax

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (AP) -- A use has been found for thousands of plastic bottle caps residents across West Virginia collected for cancer treatments before finding out the drive was a hoax.

Hair and skin care company Aveda will use them to make new caps for its products, said West Virginia American Cancer Society spokeswoman Amy Berner. [...]


Register-Herald [Beckley, WV]
2 September 2008

Salon to take bottle caps

By Audrey Stanton
Register-Herald Reporter




Bluefield Daily Telegraph [WV]
18 September 2008

Hair salon puts collected caps to good use

Bluefield Daily Telegraph