Thursday, September 11, 2008

Poor Quality Water Leads to Hair Loss (Dubai)

XPRESS [United Arab Emirates]
11 September 2008

The drop of life: Tapping pure water

By Vikram Singh Barhat, staff reporter

Hair loss, health concerns and high laundry bills are forcing people in Dubai to set up water purification systems.

For Shoukat Mohammad Dalal, a resident of Jumeirah Islands Community, it was a matter of saving his wife's lovely tresses.

"I had a water purification system installed six months ago. The water in Dubai is very hard and my wife tends to lose hair. My wife previously used to bathe in Masafi water. I don't want a wife who's bald. It might be better to invest in a water-softening machine than having to buy wigs for her. A lot of people I spoke to said the water is causing hair loss," said the British national. [...]

On hair loss due to poor quality of water in Dubai, Dr Rolf Soehnchen, dermatologist at the American Hospital Dubai, said: "Patients often come with this complaint here. I cannot tell you whether it's true or not. There is no study conducted in the context of water quality and hair loss in Dubai. I don't know if it's a rumour."