Friday, September 12, 2008

Buildings Containing Ashes Can't Be Torn Down

The Albany Herald [GA]
12 September 2008

Reader ignites “urning” for truth

Carlton Fletcher

ALBANY — There’s nothing people like better than a good urban legend, and Albany Herald reader David Chatman of Albany came up with a doozy concerning the current brouhaha surrounding the relocation of the Albany Museum of Art downtown to the so-called Holman Mule Barn on Pine Avenue.

Writes Chatman: “As a lifelong resident of Albany and having spent many hours of my earlier years in the downtown area, I remember prominent Albany residents telling that the ashes of ‘Old Man Holman’ (W.C. Holman) were interred within the urn that is still high atop the front of the building. The stories I remember being told were that ‘Old Man Holman’ had this done because there was a law in Georgia that assured his building could never be torn down other than through the ‘hands of God’ (a natural disaster). Maybe it’s time someone looked into this.” [...]