Saturday, September 6, 2008

Female Bestiality DVDS (Kenya)

[It's hard to know what to make of this article. The reporter writes that his paper is in possession of DVDs and videotapes showing women having sex with animals, yet an inspector for a Kenyan animal protection society says such reports of female bestiality are "unfounded rumours." Whatever the case may be, the claim that women, after having sex with animals, "book themselves in private hospitals where the animal semen is drained from their organs," seems doubtful. -- bc]

The Standard on Saturday [Kenya]
6 September 2008

Now call girls prefer animals

By Oscar Obonyo

Weird stories of men "raping" cows, hens and other domestic animals have been reported countrywide — the latest incident took place in Kisii last week. But now, young women are also claiming a portion of the bizarre drama.

The unnatural acts are not only shocking, horrifying and appalling, but also unbelievable, as investigations by The Standard On Saturday confirmed.

Unlike perverts who engage in deviant sex for "pleasure", our team found out that the girls instead offer "pleasure" to animals for a fee. That bill is footed by a cartel of individuals who record the action and sell the material overseas and locally. [...]