Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mayor Wonders if Barack Obama is the Antichrist

WCNC-TV [Charlotte, NC]
27 September 2008

Mayor 'just curious' if Obama is antichrist

By STUART WATSON / NewsChannel 36

FORT MILL, S.C. -- Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk says he was "just curious" when he forwarded a chain e-mail suggesting Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is the biblical antichrist. "I was just curious if there was any validity to it," Funderburk said in a telephone interview. "I was trying to get documentation if there was any scripture to back it up." [...]

Fort Mill Times [SC]
1 October 2008

Fort Mill Mayor's Obama e-mail causes furor

By Jonathan Allen

The phone at Town Hall was ringing off the hook Monday following revelations over the weekend that Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk passed along a chain e-mail suggesting Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama is the Antichrist. [...]

Star-Telegram [Fort Worth, Texas]
15 October 2008

In political smear e-mail, the devil's in the details


Only "a nut or a con artist" would say Barack Obama might be the Antichrist of the Book of Revelation, says a Baptist pastor in South Texas.

Unfortunately for the Rev. John Tisdale, that e-mail is circling the world - signed with his name. [...]