Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drug-laced CDs

Jackson Free Press [MS]
3 September 2008

Urban Myth 101

by Ronni Mott

Last week, the Jackson Free Press received several e-mails proclaiming “Jackson Crime Alert” in the subject line. Obviously having been forwarded through dozens, maybe hundreds of prior e-mail addresses, the story the e-mails tell is about a man named Hong Kong, who peddles his hip-hop CDs in neighborhood parking lots and gas stations in Jackson. Hong Kong and his cohort supposedly followed “Jennifer and I” from “the Brookshire’s gas station off Beasley and Adkins” in their “big royal blue car (sparkly) with tinted windows.”

The writer had been warned about buying CDs in another e-mail. “This CD was laced with some kind of drug and once you touched it after a few minutes it would then make you pass out,” she writes. [...]