Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurricane Ike Caused Mass Fatalities

Houston Chronicle
21 September 2008

For some, rumors harbor 'the truth' of Ike's carnage
Officials say talk of mass fatalities has no basis in fact


Images from Galveston and other areas along Texas' coast reveal the scope of Hurricane Ike's destructive power, while the death toll remains relatively low.

But, for some, the real story of the lives lost to Hurricane Ike remains untold.

Thousands of bodies are floating in the Gulf of Mexico, dangling from trees or otherwise obscured by debris and unaccounted for, these people insist in online forums and posted reader comments. A government conspiracy and media blackout are afoot, they say, which explains why those images remain unseen. [...]

KHOU-TV [Houston, TX]
24 September 2008

Busting the myths and rumors about Ike

Shern-Min Chow / 11 News

HOUSTON - When people don't have access to good information, rumors start to grow. One official called it "drawing pictures in the dark."

11 News has decided to shed some light on the myths, stories and rumors that have developed since Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf Coast. [...]

Myth #1: Deadly diseases have leaked out of UTMB and the island was "nuked"

Myth #2: Twelve lab monkeys and two tigers are loose on the island

Myth #3: There are lots of bodies in Crystal Beach and Bolivar Penisula.

Myth #4: Grocery stores on generators had cold beer, but no milk in order to make a profit

Myth #5: A tiger and lion were loose on Bolivar Island.

Myth #6: Both animals were put down.

Myth #7: United Way is running a Food Stamp program.

Myth #8: Hotels aren't honoring the "no tax" policy