Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Whorehouse" Listed on Credit Card Statement

Sydney Morning Herald [Australia]
22 August 2014

[…] More on foreshortened text confusion (Column 8, Tuesday), this time from Ross Miller, of Roseberry. "I remember, back when there was only Bankcard, that many husbands came under fire when their statement had a payment for 'Whorehouse' on it. That would be all that was printed after buying tickets to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." […]

New Scientist [UK]
16 June 2001

by Michael Lewis, Barnet, Hertfordshire

The problem of truncated subject lines is not confined to e-mails (Feedback,12 May). I still cringe at the memory of an item that appeared on my company credit card statement some years ago.

On a company trip to New York, I had taken my host to the popular musical then running called The Greatest Little Whorehouse in Texas to thank her for her hospitality. When I got my bill, the item read "Whorehouse in Texas $200". The finance director was furious. Not only was it immoral but I had wasted time travelling across the whole of the US in order to satisfy my needs.

"Killer Gang" Reportedly Targeting Russian Motorists

The Moscow Times
21 August 2014

    By Allison Quinn

The Russian news sphere has been abuzz this week with unconfirmed reports that a gang of thrill-seeking killers is on the loose, setting booby traps along poorly lit roads around Moscow before murdering ill-fated motorists.

LifeNews, a Russian news portal with known law enforcement ties, released a sketch of what it claimed to be a suspected gang member on Wednesday, noting that police were currently searching for three men believed to be responsible for the sadistic crimes.

Attackers have reportedly been laying iron spikes out along dark roadways at night. After puncturing their tires, unsuspecting drivers are forced to pull off to the side of the road, at which point they are shot and killed, LifeNews reported. […]

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Bound in Human Skin (Juniata College)

Juniata College [Huntingdon, PA]
19 August 2014

HUNTINGDON, Pa. -- People walk into the hushed atmosphere of a library to gain enlightenment or read magazines, not to be creeped out. Which is why the staff of Juniata College's Beeghly Library was relieved to find out that a book in its historical collection, purported to be bound in human skin, does not live up to its gooseflesh-inducing historical reputation. […]