Saturday, August 29, 2015

Death by Bubblegum - A Hull Urban Legend

Hull Daily Mail [UK]
29 August 2015

[…] The urban legend of the little boy from Hull who died after choking on a piece of chewing gum was used as a cautionary tale by parents across the city.

Now, the true story of the 12-year-old, who died in 1933, has been uncovered – and far from the grim tale that has been bandied around school playgrounds for decades, it tells a tale of a mother's heartache at losing her son.

The search to get to the truth started when Mike Covell, who runs Amazing Hull Tours, browsed the Facebook group Hull The Good Old Days.

There, people had posted about a little boy whose grave, a stone representation of him wearing his school cap, with his left hand leaning on a pillar, was inscribed with a rhyme about the perils of chewing bubble gum.

It apparently read: "Chewing gum is nasty, chewing gum is dirty, chewing gum wrapped round my heart and brought me to my grave." […]

Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Injection Psycho" (India)

Deccan Herald
27 August 2015

A motorist masking his face with a green cloth has been terrifying the prosperous West Godavari district, injecting what is rumoured to be his HIV-infected blood.

The motorist riding around half a dozen villages jabs the needle with yet to be discovered substance into women and speeds away. At least 12 women stuck with the needles have been admitted to hospitals in the district in the last four days.

The attacks began on 22 August in Yadagandla village of Undi Mandal where the motorist stuck needles into G Venkata Vara Lakshmi and Andukuri Mercy in two different streets and fled. […]

West Godavari police are on high alert since rumours began spreading that the attacker is an HIV/AIDS patient and is injecting his blood in women to avenge his infection. […]

The Hindu

27 August 2015

    Rajulapudi Srinivas

Two more incidents reported in Narsapuram division. Police seized the needles and have sent them to Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) for examination.

The psychopath, who was creating panic by jabbing needles to women, continued to attack them moving alone in villages in West Godavari on Wednesday. […]

New Indian Express
26 August 2015

ELURU:Even as the police here are still groping in the dark in cracking the recent case of mysterious ‘injection attacks’ on schoolgirls and women in different places in West Godavari district, the miscreant  struck again on Tuesday -- ‘injecting’ a mysterious substance into four girls and two women in Kumudavalli village and  Goraganamudi village in Palakoderu mandal, Vendra village in Undi mandal and Kesavaram village in Ganapavaram mandal, according to sources. […]

Hindustan Times
28 August 2015

    Prasad Nichenametla, Hindustan Times, Hyderabad

An unidentified bike rider has terrorised Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district, pricking at least nine women travelling alone with a syringe needle in the past week but police say the victims haven't been injected with harmful substances. […]

30 August 2015

Hyderabad | Indo-Asian News Service

Hyderabad:  A psychopath, who has created terror in Andhra Pradesh' West Godavari district with injection attacks on women, struck again today, this time targetting a two-year-old.

The baby was sitting along with her parents when the unidentified man attacked her with injection in Mutyalapallimandi village in Mogaltur mandal.

The injured baby was taken to a hospital, police said. It was not clear if the child's mother was his target. […]

New Indian Express
30 August 2015

By Express News Service

[…] According to auto driver Dhanikonda Yesu of Bhimavaram, in the morning he dropped workers at a prawn-feed factory. Later, he saw a youth on a bike and suspecting that he could be the psycho, Yesu reportedly chased him in his auto.

The youth immediately took out a syringe and injected the auto driver on his right hand before fleeing. A horrified Yesu threw away the syringe and rushed home. After he informed his wife about the incident, the couple approached the local police and lodged a complaint. However, the police were left confused as Yesu gave different versions of the incident when they questioned him. […]

Mumbai Mirror
30 August 2015

By P Pavan

[…] However, much to the relief of the victims, laboratory tests of the injected material have established that it was harmless. "As he injects his victims in the thigh only, he must have worked in a veterinary hospital, pet clinic or a diagnostic centre," Narsapuram Deputy SP P Sowmya Latha said. […]

First Post
31 August 2015

by A Saye Sekhar

The ‘syringe man’ of West Godavari district does not use a syringe to attack his victims, he uses a veterinary needle. Veterinarians punch holes in the thick skins of the animals with such needles before administering injections, according to the police. There’s no possibility of the ‘psychopath’ on the loose injecting any substance into his targets with this weapon, they said. […]

Superintendent of Police of West Godavari district Bhaskar Bhushan […] said the number of his victims is being exaggerated. “He has attacked 11 women so far, not more than 20 as being reported. Some of them are suspected attacks or ones reported out of fear psychosis,” he said. […]

New Indian Express
31 August 2015

[…] On Sunday, a family of Mutyalapalli village in Mogaltur mandal, traveling by motorcycle, complained to the police that an unknown person had ‘injected’ their baby. However, when the police grilled them about the incident, the woman denied the incident. […]

Times of India
31 August 2015

BHIMAVARAM, West Godavari: Fear has gripped villagers in West Godavari district as the 'Injection Psycho' — on the prowl for the last one week — continues to attack unsuspecting people, particularly women. On Sunday he targeted a three-year-old girl, who had to be given immediate medical aid at a local hospital. Just a day before that he attacked an autorickshaw driver, his first male victim.

The unidentified attacker, whom the police suspect to be a psychopath, has so far injected 25 people with some unknown substance that reportedly sends the victims into a state of drowsiness. […]

Times of India

1 September 2015

New Indian Express
2 September 2015

By Express News Service

[…] In an interesting development, police dismissed rumours that the ‘injection attacks’ had been ‘engineered’ by some influential political leaders to paint the police brass - who have so far been unable to nab the miscreant(s) - black (inefficient) and pressurize the government to transfer some of them. It is reported that these people have been trying for a month now to get some top policemen inimical to them transferred but in vain.      

Times of India
3 September 2015


[…] It was widely circulated that the 'needle man' was caught in Mogaltur. But it turned out to be a false alarm. A couple of days ago, news emerged that the accused was in the custody of Ravulapalem police in East Godavari, which also turned out to be false. […]

The Hindu
5 September 2015

Sumit Bhattacharjee

[…] And now we have the Syringe Man of West Godavari. As serial offenders go, he is a bit cut-price but he has generated some excitement for the rather easily excited audiovisual media. […]

The Siasat Daily
5 September 2015

The ‘syringe psychos’ who crated [sic] a scare in West and East Godavari districts by attacks with syringe, seems to have come to Hyderabad city.

Ramya, a class four student of Lilliput model school in Malkajigiri, who was on her way to the School, was attacked this morning by a person who came on a bike, with a syringe. […]

Times of India

6 September 2015

Syed Akbar,TNN

HYDERABAD: Has the 'needle attacker' from West Godavari shifted his base to Hyderabad? The city police were virtually on tenterhooks on Saturday after eight-year-old Ramya, student of Class IV in a private school in Malkajgiri, complained that a motorcyclist jabbed her with a needle. Doctors, however, could not find any telltale marks of a needle on the girl. The police who reviewed the CCTV footage, too did not find any evidence of such an attack.

Ramya's claim may have stemmed from the fear psychosis that has gripped people in parts of West Godavari district. According to clinical psychologists, the ever-growing claims of an alleged motorcycle-borne psychopath on the prowl attacking people on the streets may well turn out to be yet another 'urban legend'. […]

The Hindu
6 September 2015

New Indian Express
6 September 2015

HYDERABAD: While the notorious psychopath, who triggered panic in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh after stinging more than two dozen women and children with a syringe, continues evading police net, it seems the ‘fear factor’ has reached the State capital here.

In a first of its kind incident, a class four student at a private school in Malkajgiri has claimed that she was jabbed by a masked person mount on a dark motor bike, in an attack similar to the incidents in West Godavari district of AP. However, in the absence of any evidence and the considering fact that there were no eyewitnesses, police refused to buy the story and maintained that the girl was ‘confused’. […]

New Indian Express
6 September 2015

HYDERABAD: For the past two weeks, people and police in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh have been spending sleepless nights. People, particularly women, are scared to move on the busy streets alone. The reason is that a miscreant who is now popularly referred as ‘Injection Psycho’ is on a spree of attacking people with syringes containing unidentified liquid. […]

New Indian Express
7 September 2015

NELLORE:  Breaking silence on the ‘injection psycho’ issue, Director General of Police JV Ramudu said the police have secured crucial information on the incidents and the perpetrators.

The DGP, who was in the district on Sunday for participating in various developmental programmes, told mediapersons here on Sunday that there was no possibility of the psychopath injecting dangerous substance into human body through needles and said it was proved that only water was found in the needles. […]

The Hindu
8 September 2015

    Staff Reporter

Panic prevailed for sometime in surroundings of L. B. Nagar on Monday evening after a person, who identified himself as Swamy Naik, a Life Insurance Corporation employee, claimed that a stranger jabbed a needle on him. The man was reportedly travelling in a bus when the incident took place. He got down at the Chaitanyapuri bus stop and informed a few persons about it.

A team of Chaitanyapuri police, who were present at the spot, immediately swung into action and alerted their higher-ups. “Our team checked a nearby private hospital following reports that the man went there for treatment. But the hospital authorities denied treating any person with such complaint,” said Tafseer Iqbal, DCP L.B. Nagar. […]

Nalgonda Staff Reporter adds: News of alleged injection attack by a psychopath on a man created panic in Kodad on Monday.

The victim, identified as Kopuri Veeraiah (50), was proceeding to Kapugollu in an auto after meeting bank officials over crop loan issue. An unidentified person sitting in an auto coming in the opposite direction attacked him with a syringe below his left eye at Gudibanda crossroad on NH-65 after which he felt drowsy, the victim said. Later, he was rushed to a hospital by locals. However, the doctors are not sure whether it is an injection attack or not, but they have found an injury below his eye. […]

New Indian Express

13 September 2015

By Express News Service

New Indian Express
14 September 2015

By Express News Service

HYDERABAD: Tension prevailed among residents of Indiranagar in Banjara Hills after rumours spread that a syringe psycho had assaulted a baby girl with a needle. According to police, a couple from Indiranagar called police stating that a person has assaulted their daughter with needle and they found blood clots on her hand. Police visited the place and shifted baby to a nearby hospital.

During the course of investigation, it was revealed that no one assaulted baby with the needle. Police took a tenant staying in the same house into custody. The man said he attended the baby when she was crying. Parents came out of the house and found a needle and suspected that their daughter was assaulted with needle and alerted the police. Police said that when baby girl was playing with needle, a person who is staying on the premises came to stop her from touching it. No case was registered.

New Indian Express

16 September 2015

By Express News Service

MACHILIPATNAM: A youth who was moving rousing suspicion that he might the syringe psycho was overpowered by people in Sagguru in Agiripalli mandal in the district on Tuesday.

According to police, people of the village turned him over to police on suspicion that he was the syringe psycho. While searching his bag, they found a syringe in it. They then beat him up.

Agiripalli Sub-Inspector of Police V Rajendra Prasad said that he did not think he was the syringe psycho whom the police have been hunting. “This person appears to have lost mental balance. When we searched his bag, we found pieces of paper, rags and one syringe. It seems he was picking up articles that were thrown on the road just like that. He does not appear to be a local. He may have been from Tamil Nadu,” the Sub-Inspector said. […]

AP Dunia
18 September 2015

After a brief period of calm, the suspected psychopath has attacked a person in East Godavari district today.

According to reports, the psycho attacked a mason at Vetlapalem village in Samalkot mandal. The victim Srinivas works as a mason and the incident happened when he was returning from work.

The victim was immediately admitted to a hospital and he underwent health check up. It is said that a woman was also involved in the attack. […]

New Indian Express
21 September 2015

By Express News Service

ELURU: It has been nearly a month since his first attack and the injection psycho continues to be elusive. The West Godavari police launched a massive manhunt for the miscreant, but with no luck, even as nearly 25 people became his victims till date.

Since August 22, when the first attack by the psycho on two girl students at Yandagandi in Undi mandal was reported, both the police and people had been spending sleepless nights. Thereafter, several attacks were reported by the victims and the doctors confirmed the syringe marks on the bodies of the injured, till last week. However, the police reiterated that no fresh attacks by the psycho were reported, after August 26, and those who claimed to be the victims of the miscreants, mistook accidental injuries to that of psycho attack.

District superintendent of police Bhaskar Bhushan and Narsapuram DSP Sowmya Latha stated that the psycho victims are only 11 and the other complaints were fake. Due to increasing pressure from the public, the cops formed 40 special teams, which released two sketches of the miscreants, after questioning the victims. The investigation also led them to a video-captured photograph of the accused, after checking the footage recorded by closed circuit TV cameras at different locations in the district.

Despite all these efforts, the police could not nab the psycho, who is now believed to have escaped from the district.

New Indian Express
27 September 2015

HYDERABAD:A man, mistaken for the much-feared ‘injection psycho’ who triggered fear psychosis among the citizens in East Godavari district, was arrested by the government railway police from Secunderabad railway station on Saturday morning. However, the curiosity of co-passengers died down as it was revealed that he was not ‘the injection psycho’ but just another mentally disturbed person.

The incident unravelled on board Secunderabad bound Bhagyanagar Express at around 9.45 am when passengers noticed a man carrying two syringes when the train reached Cherlapally.

Going by his untidy appearance and absurd mannerisms, the passengers detained and handed him over to the police as the train arrived at Secunderabad.

However, Police found that Ravikumar (34) is a habitual offender who extracts money from public after introducing himself as a policeman. A couple of identity cards with heads like ‘IPS-Crime’ were recovered from his possession. On interrogation, it was found he was also habituated to casual sexual affairs making use of the fake ID cards, police said. […]

The Hindu
30 September 2015

Talking about the recent incidents of injection attacks in Nalgonda district, Superintendent of Police Vikram Jeet Duggal said all the four injection attack incidents that were reported in the past one month were proved to be false since doctors found no injection injuries on the body of victims. […]

Sakshi Post
3 October 2015

Guntur: The syringe psycho who had created a rukkus in the past few weeks has entered Guntur district and attacked a student. On Saturday morning, while Krishna was on his way to school, he was attacked by a biker with a syringe. The onlookers have rushed the victim to the near by hospital. More details are yet to be known and the police are trying to nab the culprit. Syringe psycho had created a havoc in Telugu states and many were nabbed under suspision.

The New Indian Express
6 December 2015

HYDERABAD/VISAKHAPATNAM: The syringe psycho, who triggered panic in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, has returned. Two cases of syringe attack were reported from Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam on Saturday. The psycho, who pricks women and girl students with a syringe, has unleashed terror among women, particularly who are travelling alone. On Saturday, a 40-year-old woman was attacked by the suspected psycho at Vanasthalipuram in Hyderabad. The 40-year-old victim is working as the vice principal of a private college. She was attacked while riding her scooter alone.

According to Rama, the victim, two youth, wearing masks, attacked her with an empty syringe and fled the spot. The incident took place at Hills Colony under Vanasthalipuram police limits on Saturday. […]

Meanwhile, a 52-year-old woman was attacked, purportedly by the syringe psycho at Balayya Sastry Layout area in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. The victim, A Sailaja, is a teacher. The incident happened Saturday afternoon near Ramannaidu Maharshi Ashram at Balayya Sastry Layout. While the victim was travelling in a car with her son, two youngsters came close to the car on a bike, and the pillion injected her on the left forearm before fleeing the spot. Sailaja was shifted to a private hospital.

The New Indian Express
7 December 2015

VISAKHAPATNAM: A day after a woman was attacked by an alleged syringe psycho, the police ruled out the chances of him being the actual culprit, who terrorised women in the neighbouring districts. The police who are investigating the case suspect that it was most likely a chain snatching incident.

Investigating officer of the case and Four Town inspector Ch Shanmukh Rao said that the medical reports reveal that she was not injected and they were suspecting that the bike-borne chain snatching gang in masks tried to snatch the gold chain of the woman while driving the bike and in that process she received a minor injury on her left forearm as the woman opened the car window and speaking over phone, he added.

Meanwhile, police sources also said that a similar incident took place in Hyderabad the same day. He also added that if it was the syringe psycho’s work all the cases in the neighbouring districts were such that there was only one person coming on a bike and attacking lonely women. But in the city incident, there were two persons.

The Hans India
25 January 2016

Eluru: Reports that injection psycho, who created terror across the district has struck again after three months has created panic among the people, here on Sunday. An unidentified person attacked a 32-year-old panchayat sweeper near Market Yard here.

Bangaru Nagaraju (32), who is working as a sweeper in Paluru Panchayati in Attili mandal is living at Venkataramapunta village in Attili mandal. While, he was on his way to Eluru to attend a function, a middle-aged man asked him for lift at Denduluru railway gate and Nagaraju dropped him near Market Yard.

As soon as the middle-aged guy alighted from the two-wheeler, Nagaraju felt a shooting pain near his hip. After reaching Kothapeta, he saw swelling on his hip and pain in the legs and rushed to a government hospital. Duty doctor Vijaya Nirmala said that needle marks are not visible but asserted that Nagaraju is free from any danger and is under observation.