Saturday, June 26, 2010

Necrophile Infects Woman (Malta)

The Malta Independent
26 June 2010

Macabre mortuary rumour denied

The Health Ministry yesterday flatly denied a morbid rumour of necrophilia having taken place at the Mater Dei mortuary, which according to the grapevine had resulted in the death of a woman. [...]

It was on Tuesday that this newspaper first heard the horrific rumour. In essence it involved an employee having allegedly passed on a parasitic infection to a woman after having had sexual contact with cadavers. [...]
The Malta Independent
27 June 2010
Necrophilia story may have been nothing more than an imported urban legend

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bologna Placed on Car to Damage It

Hickory Daily Record [NC]
23 June 2010

Vandals' weapon: bologna

By Richard Gould

When a 19-year-old Hickory woman returned to her car after working her shift at the Valley Hills Mall, she was greeted by a rude surprise. Ten pieces of bologna had been left on her Nissan Sentra, Monday night. [...]

The Internet is awash with speculation as to the efficacy of bologna as a car paint remover. [...]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Suns in the Sky (Indian Rumor)

Times of India
22 June 2010

Now, Internet hoax on 'two suns in sky'

Vijay Singh, TNN

MUMBAI: If you have been craning you neck skywards to catch a rare glimpse of “two suns in the sky’’ on Monday, then you’ve been made an ‘Internet Bakra’. Scientists and astronomers in the city have confirmed that certain hoax emails and social networking e-groups have been spreading rumours about two suns being visible on Monday and Tuesday, and also that another star has come close to Earth.

“Don’t believe in such emails that say that another bright star called ‘Aderoid’ will come as close as 34 million miles from Earth,’’ said senior scientist and astronomer from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Professor Pankaj Joshi. [...]
Express Buzz [India]
22 June 2010
Mail on two suns dismissed as sheer prank
Mid-Day [India]
20 June 2010
No need to double the sunscreen

Prediction of Earthquakes & Tsunamis in Fiji

The Timaru Herald [NZ]
22 June 2010

Fiji rugby chief held over 'prophecy' rumours


Fiji's rugby union head remains in custody and police on the islands are threatening to seize more people, amidst rumours the nation will be hit by a disaster tomorrow.

The chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union, Bill Gavoka, who also heads the Fiji Visitors Bureau, was seized by the regime yesterday after he sent emails to tourist operators warning of a pending disaster. [...]
Radio New Zealand International
23 June 2010
Fiji pastor says Suva workers headed home at noon because of ’disaster warning’
Stuff [New Zealand]
23 June 2010
Fiji quake prophesiers seized
Fiji Times
23 June 2010
Earthquake will not trigger tsunami
Fiji Times
23 June 2010
False prophet
Fiji Times
25 June 2010
Police charge tsunami prophet

Emperor Used an Electric Chair as a Throne

16 June 2010

The Emperor's electric chair

Mike Dash

[Did Abyssinian Emperor Menelik II use an electric chair as a throne? Dash discusses this legend which was popularized by its appearance in The Book of Lists (1977).]

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Police Uniforms Stolen from Dry Cleaners

680News [Toronto]
15 June 2010

Several Toronto Police uniforms missing after being sent to cleaners

680News staff

Toronto Police sources have told 680News that over a dozen uniforms are missing after being sent out to be cleaned over the past few days.

Police fear the uniforms could be used be people to misrepresent themselves as officers. [...]

The Globe and Mail [Toronto]
15 June 2010

Toronto police can’t confirm report that uniforms were stolen from cleaners

Adrian Morrow

Police say they have no information to back up a report that more than a dozen uniforms have been stolen from drycleaners less than two weeks before the G20 summit in Toronto.

Radio station 680 News, quoting unnamed police sources, reported that the uniforms were lifted from drycleaners across Toronto over the last few days. [...]

National Post [Canada]
15 June 2010

Police deny reports of stolen uniforms

Toronto Police could not confirm a report earlier today that 13 or more of their uniforms had been stolen from dry cleaning shops around the city in the past few days. [...]

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"What's the Biggest Fish?"

The Guardian [UK]
14 June 2010

North Korea set their World Cup target: happiness for the Dear Leader

Marina Hyde in Johannesburg

There is something about a North Korean World Cup press conference that recalls a possibly apocryphal story featuring the creepy Guinness Book of Records editor Norris McWhirter. According to this tale, Norris was visiting a school in his capacity as leader and co-founder of the Freedom Association, the charmless libertarian pressure group whose policies included mounting legal challenges against peace campaigners and allowing 1980s cricketers "freedom to trade" in apartheid South Africa. After delivering a fairly eye-wateringly right-wing lecture to his young audience, Norris broke the silence that greeted its conclusion by asking if anyone had any questions. "Yeah," drawled one kid. "What's the biggest fish?" [...]

Blind, Stupid and Desperate [Blog]

Norris on the spot

By Simon Devon

You must remember Record Breakers. I remember once they had a show where they broke the world record for a bloke balancing milk crates on his head. It was stirring stuff. There was also a bit called "Norris on the Spot" where the kids would get to fire questions at Norris McWhirter and try to catch the old duffer out. A typical exchange would be:

CASTLE: "Have you got a question for Norris?"
KID: "What's the biggest fish?"
NOZZA: "Well, there are two opinions..."

TV Cream [UK]

The Record Breakers
1972 to 2002 on BBC1

LONG-RUNNING PROMOTIONAL campaign for the Guinness family and, for most of its existence, the only place you’d see 80-year-olds on children’s telly. ROY “OOPS! ANOTHER SOFT CENTRE!” CASTLE was your tapping, trumpetty host, with NORRIS (and, originally, IRA murder victim twin brother ROSS) McWHIRTER as the Book-compiling know-it-all foil. Never-changing menu: sketches, reports, McWhirter-retention testing ‘Norris on the Spot’ round (which always went: ROY: “Have you got a question for Norris?” KID: “What’s the biggest fish?” NOZZA: “Well, I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that there’s a leopard in Africa that can run faster than a motorcycle”) [....]

Monday, June 7, 2010


Gail Hershatter, Dangerous Pleasures: Prostitution and Modernity in Twentieth-Century Shanghai (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1997), p. 109.

A 1929 article in Crystal described American prostitutes, apparently in the United States, as [...] strong and healthy enough to sleep with a dozen men per day, "like a wheel in motion." They were further said to routinely smear lipstick on their genitalia, which were darkened from overuse. [36]

36. Jingbao [Crystal], 24 April 1929, p. 3.