Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Police Uniforms Stolen from Dry Cleaners

680News [Toronto]
15 June 2010

Several Toronto Police uniforms missing after being sent to cleaners

680News staff

Toronto Police sources have told 680News that over a dozen uniforms are missing after being sent out to be cleaned over the past few days.

Police fear the uniforms could be used be people to misrepresent themselves as officers. [...]

The Globe and Mail [Toronto]
15 June 2010

Toronto police can’t confirm report that uniforms were stolen from cleaners

Adrian Morrow

Police say they have no information to back up a report that more than a dozen uniforms have been stolen from drycleaners less than two weeks before the G20 summit in Toronto.

Radio station 680 News, quoting unnamed police sources, reported that the uniforms were lifted from drycleaners across Toronto over the last few days. [...]

National Post [Canada]
15 June 2010

Police deny reports of stolen uniforms

Toronto Police could not confirm a report earlier today that 13 or more of their uniforms had been stolen from dry cleaning shops around the city in the past few days. [...]