Monday, June 29, 2015

Child Found Drugged in Legoland Malaysia

The Straits Times [Singapore]
29 June 2015

Post about lost child found drugged first surfaced in 2012, says park

By Lim Yi Han

A HORRIFYING story of a child being drugged and having his appearance altered in an attempted kidnapping at a Legoland is making its rounds again on social media again.

A screen shot of a Facebook post by a user, Daniel Boey, claims that a six-year-old boy went missing in the theme park after the boy's mother took her eyes off him for just a few seconds while queuing up for food.

The boy was found a few hours later wearing different clothes and shoes, was without his hair, and in a drowsy state.

While the post did not specify which Legoland it was, Legoland Malaysia said it has received a number of calls from concerned visitors recently about this post. […]

Al Capone's Car Buried on Scottish Estate

The Scotsman
28 June 2015


A SCOTTISH mansion where American gangster Al Calpone’s [sic] car is purported to be hidden is on the market for almost £1 million.

It is believed the 1920s motor is buried somewhere in the grounds of The Ley in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire.

The estate, which has been put up for sale for £925,000, was once owned by a Scot, William Crockett Miller-Thomas, who was a friend of Capone, and sold bootleg whisky to him during prohibition across the Atlantic. […]

Monday, June 22, 2015

Gangs Force Women to Dye Their Hair

Daily Mail [UK]
22 June 2015

By Jack Crone

Woman in El Salvador are being forced to dye their hair black after rumours spread that redheads or blondes who aren't the girlfriends of gangsters could be killed.

Such women are also said to be banned from wearing red or yellow clothing as violence and fear grip the Central American country. […]

Some of the country's sophisticated criminal gangs have issued a statement denying the hair-color decree but reports from citizens contradict this.

'They also say you can't wear yellow or red clothing,' said Claudia Castellanos, a beautician at an upscale salon.

'Can you believe it? They've already attacked a woman on a bus for wearing yellow.'

Ms Castellanos says many women have come to her salon recently seeking to color their hair dark.

'You don't wait for clarifications,' said Maria Jose Estrada, a former blonde who lives on the outskirts of San Salvador. 'These people are crazy and they will kill you.' […]