Monday, June 29, 2015

Child Found Drugged in Legoland Malaysia

The Straits Times [Singapore]
29 June 2015

Post about lost child found drugged first surfaced in 2012, says park

By Lim Yi Han

A HORRIFYING story of a child being drugged and having his appearance altered in an attempted kidnapping at a Legoland is making its rounds again on social media again.

A screen shot of a Facebook post by a user, Daniel Boey, claims that a six-year-old boy went missing in the theme park after the boy's mother took her eyes off him for just a few seconds while queuing up for food.

The boy was found a few hours later wearing different clothes and shoes, was without his hair, and in a drowsy state.

While the post did not specify which Legoland it was, Legoland Malaysia said it has received a number of calls from concerned visitors recently about this post. […]