Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Worms in Vaginas (Africa)


Mmegi [Botswana]
27 February 2006

Rumours And More Rumours

By Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe

One of the latest rumours in Gaborone goes thus: Four University of Botswana (UB) female students are being tormented by worms in their private parts after they slept with Nigerian men after a drinking spree. [...]


Vaal Weekly [South Africa]
21 May 2008

Forced to 'lick his worms'

By Lazarus Dithagiso

VANDERBIJLPARK. - Women fear for their lives as rumours of a Hummer-driving pervert sexually exploiting female pedestrians are spreading like wildfire.

The man is estimated to be in his fifties and he targets women aged anywhere between 18 and 35 years of age. His modus operandi is that he allegedly lures female pedestrians with his expensive vehicle and showers them with expensive gifts before taking them to a luxurious hotel, which he also claims to be the owner of.

At the hotel, the assailant apparently threatens his victims with a firearm and forces them to have oral sex with him. The man is also reported to be wearing disposable nappies. [...]


News24.com [South Africa]
30 September 2008

Hummer man, sex worms a myth

Oris Mnisi & Thandy Ndlovu

Polokwane - Limpopo health officials have denied rumours that a growing number of women are seeking treatment for worms in their vaginas.

Rumours are doing the rounds that, in the past two months, a man driving a black Hummer has slept with and infected women from Phalaborwa to Polokwane, Mankweng, Mokopane.

"We are very concerned about these malicious rumours because curious people are flocking to our health facilities to catch a glimpse of these non-existent patients," said provincial health spokesperson Phuti Seloba.

He said some people arrive with R30 and ask hospital staff to buy liver with it, because they've heard that if the liver is placed on the woman's vagina, it will draw out the worms. [...]


Merinews [India]
29 September 2008

A South African, spreads worms through sex

A South African man spreads worms through sex with young girls. He impresses them by conducting himself like a gentleman. Soon the girl is eating out of his hand; that’s when he reveals his true colours; it’s too late for the girl to back out.

Kgobalale Peter Moruthane

SINCE JUNE this year, there have been rumours all over South Africa about a man spreading worms through sex with young girls. The rumours, which shocked the people, turned out to be true in the beginning of this month (September). Four girls from Limpopo province are reported to have been victimised by this unknown man and a fifth one reportedly survived after fleeing from his hotel room in the Mokopane area of Limpopo. [...]


Times of Swaziland
2 November 2008

To all the young women out there: be warned!


MBABANE—There is a mystery man who is preying on young women—charming them with fancy things and money then inducing them to have sex with him.

However, in the process, he is believed to infect them with a strange sickness which is in his manhood.

The man is said to be using the name Geoffrey and is also alleged to be of South African origin.

He is alleged to be so determined to spread the strange sickness that those who have had an encounter with him say it makes him wear baby pampers. [...]


Times of Swaziland
5 November 2008

10-year-old escapes clutches of ‘worms man’


MBABANE – A primary pupil is lucky to be alive after escaping from the clutches of the man who has been reported to be on the prowl to intentionally infect women with a deadly disease.

This is the same man who is said to drive around in luxurious cars and has worms in his private parts. The man, known as ‘Geoffrey’ is estimated to be in his 50s. [...]


Times of Swaziland
5 November 2008

Worms man’s victim admitted to hospital?


MANZINI – Following widespread reports of a man who is prowling on women to infect them with a strange disease, there have been circulating rumours that one of his victims has been admitted to a local hospital.

It has been gathered that the woman who is in her mid 20s was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago and has been receiving treatment since then.

Due to the severity of her sickness, it has been gathered that she has been sleeping on her hospital bed with her legs stretched wide apart.

It is said that her private parts were grossly affected by the disease, which causes genital warts that go to the extent of developing worms.

A story that did rounds in one of the big churches in Manzini was to the effect that people were only allowed to see the woman at a cost of E10, which she wanted to use to cover medical costs. [...]


Times of Swaziland
6 November 2008

Show us worms man


MANZINI - Members of the public are spitting fire on the issue of the so called ‘Mr Hummer’ who is alleged to be prowling on women with the intention to infect them with a strange disease.

People have varying feelings about the man of South African origin who allegedly entices women with loads of cash and groceries before dating them in luxurious hotels and infecting them with the disease that causes worms on their private parts. [...]


Times of Swaziland
7 November 2008

Worms man fear grips the country

By NATHI GULE (News Editor)

MBABANE – Unparalleled curiosity, anxiety and fear has gripped the country following the reports of a ‘rich’ armed man on the loose with a rare ‘worms’ sickness targeting women.

The police have been receiving more than 100 calls a day from worried members of the public ever since the Times SUNDAY broke the news of the man allegedly in ‘diapers’ driving a variety of sleek vehicles luring women with money to infect them with his sickness.

Police are still investigating the validity of the claims of the attacks on the women, but so far no one has come out to lay a formal complaint against him except a 10-year-old primary school girl who alleges she escaped his clutches.

The Times has gathered that the peak time of the calls to the police is the afternoon and people have been divulging leads on the story claiming to have either spotted him or had a brief encounter with him. No one, though, has told the police she was infected except for people claiming to know people infected only for those leads to turn out to be wild goose chases. [...]


Time of Swaziland
7 November 2008

National warning from the police

By Nathi Gule

MBABANE - Police have issued a national warning to all women and children—"you are banned from accepting free rides."

They have also warned people from accepting money and free gifts from strangers.

This follows widespread reports that there is an armed man with ‘worms’ on his private parts who is on the loose targeting females. [...]


Time of Swaziland
7 November 2008

Special cops units hot on worms man’s heels


MBABANE – Two special police units are combing the country in search of the mystery ‘worms man’. [...]


Times of Swaziland
8 November 2008

Drama as cops mistake PS for worms man


MBABANE- A Principal Secretary (PS) in one of the government ministries was ridiculed and embarrassed by police on Wednesday night after they pounced on him, mistaking him for the mystery man otherwise known as the WORMS MAN.

There was drama at the Zeeman’s Filling Station when four police vehicles surrounded the PS’ car where they demanded to search both him and his car without telling him what they were looking for. [...]


Weekend Observer [Swaziland]
8 November 2008

Worms man...one great hoax!

By Fanyana Mabuza

Is it one major hoax or not? This is one question raging in many people's minds over the widespread reports of a man who is on a sexually transmitted diseases rampage, and with a will to infect every woman he comes across with a rare genital warts illness. [...]


Times of Swaziland
9 November 2008

Pupil identifies ‘Worms Man’


MBABANE—The much anticipated capture or identification of the so-called ‘worms man’ proves to be a tall yet attainable order for the police seven days after this newspaper published the story.

However, one of the worms man’s supposedly survivors positively identified the picture e-mailed to this newspaper as that of the man whom she escaped last-week. [...]


Times of Swaziland
12 November 2008

Look out for ‘Worms Man’


HLUTI - In the wake of reports of a man who is in a mission to infect women with a worm disease, some schools in the region have cautioned pupils to be on the lookout. [...]


Times of Swaziland
13 November 2008

Worms man just a myth


MBABANE – The story of a man allegedly going around infecting women with genital worms is nothing but a myth, if reports from South Africa are anything to go by.

In fact, The Times of Swaziland has established that the story was created in Botswana as early as February 2006. [...]