Friday, September 26, 2008

Gang Initiation: Rape & Stabbings (Regina, Sask.)

Regina Leader-Post [Saskatchewan, Canada]
25 September 2008

E-mail about gang initiations false: Regina police
E-mail warning of 'rapes and stabbings' is a hoax, say police

Jana G. Pruden , Leader-Post

REGINA -- An e-mail warning that gang members are randomly raping and stabbing women as part of an initiation is a hoax, according to city police.

The e-mail, under the subject line "YOU NEED TO KNOW," warns that there have been "a tremendous amount of rapes and stabbings" against women in Regina recently. The information is purported to come from a woman who works in a city hospital.

"The gang in Regina is called NS (Native Syndication) (sic) and they are now going through Initiation," the e-mail says. "What these gang members do is break into your vehicles and hide in the back. They are also grabbing women out of their cars at stop signs, red lights, etc. Their initiation is to rape and stab." [...]