Sunday, August 25, 2013

Child Rings Doorbell, Home Invasion Follows

Harlingen [TX] Police Department

August 22 via mobile

Don’t be fooled by Internet rumors. Harlingen Police has no known reports of a little girl ringing doorbells for robbers. This is a HOAX!

KGBT-TV [Harlingen, TX]
25 August 2013

by Sergio Chapa

[…] Earlier this week, Harlingen police took a stand on Facebook about a social media hoax in their area.

Reports of a child being used a decoy in local home invasions.

It’s not clear who’s starting these false Facebook rumors or why, but Harlingen police said they could possibly face criminal charges.

"Anything that causes any type of reaction by law enforcement or a public entity, or places fears in others, which something like this could do, it's criminal," Sgt. John Parrish told Action 4 News just earlier this week.