Monday, June 23, 2008

Sayonara WaiWai

[WaiWai was a great source of salacious urban legends from Japan. I'll miss it. -- bc]

Mainichi Daily News [Japan]
24 June 2008

WaiWai Notice and Apology

Explanation and Apology Regarding Mainichi Daily News WaiWai

Mainichi Daily News, the Mainichi Newspapers' English language website, contained a corner called WaiWai that attracted criticism for such things as being too vulgar and debauching Japan by sending around the world information that could be misunderstood. In the wake of this criticism, we decided to end this corner. [...] While explaining the process in both Japanese and English and apologizing, the Mainichi is poised to severely punish the head of the Digital Media Division, which is responsible for overseeing the site, the manager responsible for the corner and the editor involved with the stories. [...]