Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tania Exploits Rumors of Sex with Soldiers,23599,23737653-2,00.html
22 May 2008

Zaetta's career at risk over troop sex claims

By staff writers and wires

ENTERTAINER Tania Zaetta has angrily denied leaked claims she had sex with Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. [...]

Sydney Morning Herald [Australia]
8 June 2008

Tania Zaetta hits back at Afghanistan romp claim

Louise Hall

ENTERTAINER Tania Zaetta has revealed she couldn't eat and felt like throwing up for four days after claims she had sex with Australian troops during an entertainment tour in Afghanistan.

The TV presenter-turned-Bollywood movie star says she is still furious, despite defence chiefs exonerating her and offering a full apology last week.

The head of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, admitted "there was no substance to the allegations" in a leaked Defence briefing paper and sent her a personal letter of apology on Friday. [...],22049,23885395-5001021,00.html

The Daily Telegraph [Australia]
19 June 2008

Stressed Tania Zaetta spruiks lemon stress tea

By Michelle Cazzulino

IT'S the marketing stunt guaranteed to have you reaching for the antacid: Tania Zaetta is using the "ordeal" of being accused of having sex with Australian troops in Iraq to spruik a drink that claims to settle the stomach. [...],22049,23885809-5001030,00.html

The Daily Telegraph [Australia]
19 June 2008

Want some more ridicule, Tania?

By Fiona Connolly

SHE was so distressed over "horrible, disgusting, vicious, nasty allegations" she had sex with Australian troops that she couldn't eat and "felt like throwing up for four days".
In fact, Tania Zaetta's reputation was so besmirched by the saucy claims her thoughtful agent Max Markson decided something must be done. [...]