Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carjackers' Note on Rear Window


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [WI]
17 June 2008

E-mail warning from Milwaukee police a hoax

By Raquel Rutledge

An e-mail warning motorists about a carjacking scheme in Milwaukee might sound plausible but should be disregarded, according to Milwaukee police officer Derrrick Lemmie.

The e-mail - with the subject line "warming from Milwaukee police" - tells you to be wary of a piece of paper stuck to the rear window of your car. While you're backing out - or when you glance in the rearview mirror - you notice the paper and get out of your car to remove it. As you do that carjackers jump in and zip off in your car with all your belongings.

"Beware of this scheme that is now being used," the e-mail - reportedly from officer Lemmie of the MPD - states. [...]