Thursday, June 5, 2008

Carjackings and Rapes, Michigan

The Grand Rapids Press [MI]
4 June 2008

Police: E-mail warning of carjacking and rape is a hoax

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP -- Authorities said today that an e-mail warning of women being carjacked along the East Beltline and raped at Versluis Park is a hoax, and there have no been no such reports of crimes.

The e-mail that is rapidly circulating alleges that women driving between Plainfield Avenue and 3 Mile Road NE are approached by a man who pulls a gun and enters the victim's vehicle. The myth then has the victim driving to a park and being sexually assaulted.

Kent County sheriff's Lt. Kevin Kelley said detectives have no reason to believe that anything resembling the alleged kidnapping and assault has occurred. [...]

WOOD-TV [Grand Rapids, MI]
4 June 2008

Police: E-mails on vicious attack a hoax

By Joe LaFurgey

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) -- The subject line reads the same: Urgent - pass this on.

The e-mails describe a suspect, walking in the median of the East Beltline at 3 Mile Road NE. A victim stops at the traffic light. The suspect pulls a gun, gets in the vehicle, forces the victim to drive three miles north to Versluis Park, beats and rapes her.

24 Hour News 8 called police as soon as we began receiving the e-mails, and detectives were already on the case. But the more questions asked, the more detectives began to wonder: Is there a case? [...]