Monday, June 9, 2008

Fish Eating Corpses of Cyclone Victims

USA Today
9 June 2008

Burma group denies rumors of fish eating corpses

RANGOON, Burma (AP) -- A Burma government-affiliated group denied rumors that fish from cyclone-ravaged areas were unfit to eat after supposedly feeding on human and animals corpses, local media reported Monday.

Since Cyclone Nargis slammed into Burma's Irrawaddy delta last month, some people in Rangoon - the country's biggest city - have been reluctant to eat fish because of rumors they were feeding on the bodies of storm victims. Burma also is known as Myanmar.

One rumor circulating was that some fish were found to have human fingers and pieces of jewelry in their stomachs.

Myanmar Times
9-15 June 2008

No danger of disease from fish, say officials

Sann Oo

OFFICIALS from the Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) are denying persistent rumours that fish brought to Yangon from the storm-ravaged Ayeyarwady delta are unfit for human consumption.

According to rumours, fish have been feeding on the corpses of animals and people killed last month by cyclone Nargis, and some fish have even been found to have human fingers in their stomachs.

“This is not true, we can guarantee that,” said Daw Toe Nandar Tin, an executive member of the federation. “There have been no cases where fingers have been found in fish stomachs. It’s just a rumour.” [...]