Monday, June 9, 2008

Horse Thefts by Eastern Europeans

Wigan Evening Post [UK]
9 June 2008

Texts spark fears over horse raids

Worried horse owners in Wigan say they are receiving alarming texts and e-mails warning them about stolen animals.

The texts say a number of horses have been taken from Derbyshire and have even given registration numbers of vehicles said to have been used in the alleged crimes.

But horse owners in the borough say they are increasingly concerned as some messages have also said horses have been stolen more locally - from Abram, Westhoughton, Heath Charnock and Bury.

One of the original e-mails stated: "There have been three sightings of two suspicious men with Eastern European accents photographing local horses.

"They have been seen in a white van and a red Land Cruiser. Police are treating this as suspicious. Please forward." [...]