Friday, June 20, 2008

Rumors Abound on Five Feet

Times Colonist [Victoria, BC, Canada]
20 June 2008

Theories on feet running rampant around the world
Explanations for washed-up remains range from realistic to ridiculous

Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist

The flotilla of feet clad in sneakers that has washed ashore on the south coast since August 2007 has people talking -- and, apparently, trying to egg on the mystery. [...]

A common theme is it's the work of bored medical students or hospital workers who dissect cadavers and dress up the feet before tossing them in the sea. Or there's a crazed funeral home director who is playing fast and loose with the feet of the deceased. Or a serial killer is targeting people in running shoes.

Also being discussed: The limbs belong to suicide victims, or victims of organized crime, or stowaways who perished before getting to Canada.

A suggestion that we're seeing the remains of the 2005 tsunami victims come ashore after a voyage across the Pacific seems plausible. It makes sense that ocean currents might bring a cluster of floating shoes ashore -- but why just here in the Strait of Georgia and not the vast and well-travelled beaches of Tofino and Ucluelet, or the coasts of Washington and Oregon?

Even Freemasons are suspected by some who speculate the order has a secret ritual that involves hanging men from their right foot. Of course, there's no such ritual but anyone with secrets is under scrutiny. [...]