Friday, June 13, 2008

Crooks Prefer Jail to a Nagging Wife

Ananova [UK]
13 June 2008

Crook prefers jail to wife

An Italian crook begged to go back to jail after telling wardens life behind bars was better than living with his wife again.

Prison bosses had freed Luigi Folliero, 45, to serve the second year of his two-year sentence for theft under house arrest.

But after just two days at home he fled back to Ponte San Leonardo jail, near Naples, and pleaded to go back in his old cell because he could not stand being at home with his wife.

He told wardens: "She never stops moaning and nagging."

Some more reports of men preferring jail to a nagging wife.

Hartford Courant [CT]
11 April 1925

Finds Jail Haven from Nagging Wife

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15 June 1953

Sanctuary. In Mobile, Ala., Barber Carl B. Pennington, pleading for a weekend in jail, told police: "I've got a nagging wife . . . I've got ulcers ... I can't stand the strain any longer . . . Please lock me up."

The Newark Advocate [Ohio]
20 March 1961, p. 3

Preferred Jail to His 'Nagging Wife'

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- When police arrested Albert Torres, 20, Saturday, on charges of possessing burglary tools, he said he tipped officers off on himself because he wanted to spend the night in jail to escape what he called a "nagging wife."

Torres got his wish.

Police quoted him as saying he told his wife that if she didn't cut out the nagging he'd get himself arrested. She didn't believe him, he said.

The Kerrville Times [Texas]
20 July 1956, p. 1

Henpecked Hubby Picks Pen to Rid Self of 'Hen'

DALLAS (AP) -- A henpecked husband asked police yesterday to send him back to his old cell in the state penitentiary so he could get away from his nagging wife.

The Beaumont man, 44, stopped policeman Paul Collins and said he was a parole violator. He asked to be arrested. At headquarters he told this story:

He was recently paroled four months before his five year sentence for forgery was completed. The Parole Board told him to return to his wife in Beaumont and stay there.

"She makes me so mad I could kill her. If I lose my temper, I'll end up in the death house. My probation officer won't let me leave town to get away from her."

He said he deliberately violated his parole by riding a freight train to Dallas, and asked to be arrested.

"The easiest way to get away from her is to go back to prison and serve that four months," he said.

Taipei Times
24 July 2003

Man holds son hostage

A 33-year-old man briefly held hostage his two-year-old son in the Philippines in a desperate bid to escape his nagging wife by landing in jail, police said yesterday. Ramon del Castillo also threatened to commit suicide and kill his son during the one-hour hostage drama in the city of Makati on Tuesday, said police Superintendent Jose Ramon Salido. Salido said del Castillo took his son while his wife was sleeping and forcibly entered a neighbor's house, where he took a knife from the kitchen. The man then climbed to the third floor of the house and tied a rope around his and his son's necks, while poking the knife at anyone who tried to get near them.

Ananova [UK]
6 Oct 2004

Husband chooses jail to escape nagging wife

A henpecked German has chosen to do time in jail rather than pay a parking fine to get away from his nagging wife.

The 47-year-old man, from Itzehoe, faced a ₤55 fine - or 10 days in prison if he didn't pay up.

Police in the town said they were stunned when the man rang up and asked them to come and pick him up from his home.

"He said he couldn't stand the constant bickering at home with his wife and was looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet in jail," said a police spokesman.

Ananova [UK]
12 October 2005

Man prefers jail to wife's nagging

A man sentenced to nine months house arrest begged a judge to jail him instead because he couldn't stand his wife's nagging.

Algerian Ahmed Salhi, 24, was sentenced to a nine month curfew at home with his Italian wife in Ferrara, northern Italy.

But he went back to court after a week and begged the judge to jail him because he could not bear her nagging.

Salhi was sentenced to nine months house arrest after breaching immigration regulations.

But he turned up at his local courtroom and begged to be taken into custody because he said he could no longer stand living with her, and would rather be behind bars, Corriere della Sera reported.

He said: "I need some peace."

A local court agreed to the Salhi's request and he has been jailed for the rest of his sentence.

Khaleej Times
16 January 2006

When jail is better than a nagging wife!

From our correspondent

AHMEDABAD — A young man who was released from jail after a month yesterday says peace of the prison is any day better than a nagging wife, and has convened a conference of 'harassed husbands' here next week.

Nand Lall, who was imprisoned for not paying the monthly alimony of Rs1,200 to his estranged wife, was working as a driver but could not fulfil the constant demands of his materialistic wife even as she gave birth to a baby boy. [...]

Shanghai Daily
27 December 2007

Robber prefers prison to nagging wife

By Chen Qian

A MAN was so miserable with his marriage and home life, he committed a string of bungled robberies in the hope of being sentenced to prison.

Police said Wang Linhua initially confessed to crimes he had not committed. When that didn't work, he resorted to the real thing.

Wang, 29, was finally caught attempting to rob five people while armed with a toy gun and was sentenced to four years in prison.

He told prosecutors he didn't get on well with his wife with whom he constantly quarreled. He said he didn't want to stay at home and preferred a life behind bars. [...]