Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Child Abducted in Scunthorpe Store

The Scunthorpe Telegraph [UK]
24 June 2008


Police have dismissed speculation about an attempted child abduction.

The Scunthorpe Telegraph newsroom has taken several calls recently relating to an alleged incident in a supermarket.

The story, dismissed as an 'urban myth', is believed to have originated in America.

It gives details of a child being snatched while a parent is looking at products on a supermarket shelf.

The child is then said to have been found with the abductor, in the store's toilets.

Some versions of the alleged events also include the child having its head shaved. [...]

Kent News [UK]
27 June 2008

Police scotch child-snatch hoax

Police are urging people not to pass on the urban myth currently circulating that there has been an attempted abduction of a young girl at the Manston Tesco store in Thanet. [...]