Thursday, June 19, 2008

McDonald's Boycott Urged

Chico Enterprise Record [CA]
19 June 2008

Blistering e-mail deluge about Mcdonald's 'demoralizing'

By LAURA URSENY - Staff Writer

PARADISE - Mark Burington just doesn't know how a possible overheard conversation could balloon into the nastiest rumor he's ever encountered.

Burington is the owner of the area McDonald's restaurants. He's been battling a vicious e-mail firestorm that suggests a boycott of McDonald's. It erupted after a man soliciting food donations for firefighters was turned away from the Paradise restaurant. [...]

Chico Enterprise Record [CA]
19 June 2008

Read the McDonald's rumor e-mail and response

Paradise Post [CA]
19 June 2008

McDonald's owner answers claims

By Jennifer Barker

The chain e-mail sent to Ridge residents Friday bashing the local McDonald's proved to be false said the restaurant owner.

Friday, a Post employee received the e-mail allegedly sent by Laura Ornoski which asked residents to boycott the local McDonalds in Paradise, Chico and Gridley. Ornoski's e-mail accused local McDonalds' owner Mark Burington of refusing to donate food to firefighters battling the Humboldt blaze. It also stated that he wouldn't donate to Red Cross and told his employees that they had to be at work, even if their families evacuated. [...]