Saturday, February 2, 2008

Yogi Walks on Water

Indian Express
2 February 2008

Russy Karanjia, India's tabloid guru, dies at 95

Mumbai, February 1 India’s original tabloid guru, veteran journalist Russy Karanjia died at his Mumbai residence on Friday. He was 95.

Founder of Blitz, which captured popular imagination with its screaming headlines and campaigns, Karanjia faced bans and endless court cases but continuously courted controversy. [...]

V Gangadhar, who was a columnist with Blitz for several years, [...] recounted an anecdote. “He strongly believed in Yoga. When a yogi walked into his office and claimed that he could walk on water, Russy without fearing about the goodwill of the paper encouraged the yogi and put up a banner of Blitz at the event. After two steps on the water, the yogi sank. That is Karanjia for you. He was not worried about reputation, he laughed out loud with those present at the event. But one thing was clear — this man had the guts to try something new.”
[Still, two steps is pretty damn good. -- bc]