Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mystery Man Hands Out Cash in Colombia,easy-money-fever-causes-trouble-in-colombia--feature.html

Earth Times [UK]
14 February 2008


'Easy money' fever causes trouble in Colombia

[...] Medium-sized towns and small villages have seen thousands of their residents stay up late to wait for an elusive character who "hands out money."

The phenomenon has already happened in Villavicencio and Zipaquira, where many say they have seen a black man driving through the streets in a luxury vehicle during the night to hand out wads of bank notes with as much as 4 million pesos (2,100 dollars).

Dismissed as an "urban myth" by the media, believers say the money belongs to a drug baron who died and left it to the people as an inheritance, or to a criminal who prefers to give away everything he has amassed before being captured by police. [...]