Monday, February 4, 2008

UK Government Acts Over Holocaust Studies Rumor

BBC News [UK]
4 February 2008

UK government acts on hoax e-mail

The UK government is taking the unprecedented step of writing to every embassy to stop a false e-mail rumour about Holocaust teaching being banned. [...]

4 February 2008

Government acts over Holocaust e-mail

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain took the unusual step on Monday of denouncing a hoax e-mail claiming that the government has scrapped teaching of the Holocaust in schools because it might offend Muslims. [...]

Times of London [UK]
9 February 2008

How internet turned `fact' into a global lie

Alexandra Frean, Education Editor

A bogus but persistent rumour that British schools are dropping the Holocaust from the curriculum to avoid offending Muslims forced the Government to issue an official denial this week.

The rumours appear to stem from an article I wrote in The Times on April 2 last year which amounted to only 164 words. [...]