Monday, February 18, 2008

How the Media and Goldfish Differ,23599,23231671-13762,00.html
18 February 2008

Goldfish 'three-second memory' myth busted

Article from: AAP

A 15-year-old South Australian school student has busted the myth that goldfish have a three second memory. Rory Stokes, from the Australian Science and Mathematics School in Adelaide, conducted an experiment to test the commonly held theory that goldfish have short memory spans. [...]

Sunday Telegraph [UK]
3 Oct 2004

Fast-learning fish have memories that put their owners to shame

By Robert Matthews, Science Correspondent

If you thought fish were cold, wet creatures who forget everything in three seconds flat, think again. Scientists have found they are fast learners, carry mental maps around in their heads - and can retain memories for months. [...]

Daily Telegraph [UK]
30 January 2006

Painful memories for goldfish

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor

Popular mythology holds that goldfish have three-second memories. Now it seems that they can remember pain for at least a day, according to research that will reopen the debate about whether angling is a cruel sport. [...]