Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Athletes Abstain From Sex Before Competitions

National Post [Canada]
13 February 2008

The coitus conundrum

Could engaging in copulation throw you off your game?

Jill Barker, Canwest News Service

When it comes to love, athletes are just as romantic as the next guy. That is, as long as they don't have a big game the next day. An energetic romp between the sheets the night before a competition, some athletes and coaches say, can lead to poor performance the following day. [...]

The Ithacan [Ithaca College, NY]
14 February 2008

No sex before the big game

By Ben Strauss Columnist

[...] On South Hill, Ithaca senior Sonia Kedzierski knows the drill. She's no athlete herself, but she's dated them.

"I've dated baseball and soccer players and in my experience they won't have sex [a few days] before their games and they really stick to it," she said. "This is why I don't date athletes anymore." [...]