Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Rebel Against Authority" Day (2),0,3857292.story

The Morning Call [Allentown, PA]
27 February 2008

Rumor of violence spreads through schools

Bethlehem, Allentown adding security for Friday in light of threats.

By Steve Esack Of The Morning Call

The hazy rumor of school violence associated with Feb. 29 started in Bethlehem shortly after Thanksgiving, and as leap year's Friday approaches, the ''229'' threats have now spread to at least one other Lehigh Valley school district. [...],0,2223633.story

The Morning Call [Allentown, PA]
28 February 2008

Area schools address Friday threat rumors

Districts' tactics vary on what could be hoax. 'All the radars are up.'

By Sarah Fulton
Special to The Morning Call

A growing number of area school districts are beefing up security and sending home letters to allay fears about the widespread and so far unfounded rumors that Friday will be a day of rebellion against authority. [...]

CBS 3-TV [Philadelphia, PA]
28 February 2008

C.B. South Increases 'Leap Year' Security

WARRINGTON, Pa. (CBS 3) ― The so-called "Leap Year threat" has brought fear and concern to parents and students in Bucks and Lehigh Counties. [...]

The Express Times [PA]
28 February 2008

Leap day mayhem rumors met with skepticism, fear

By DOUGLAS B. BRILL and colin mcevoy
The Express-Times,au29_threats_web.article

Beacon News [IL]
28 February 2008

School threats reported in Geneva, Kaneland

BY BEACON NEWS STAFF,0,4230934.story

The Morning Call [Allentown, PA]
29 February 2008

Rumors of school violence 'out of control'

Nonetheless, area police departments, districts are on alert as '229' arrives.

By Steve Esack
Of The Morning Call,0,4483852.story

The Morning Call [Allentown, PA]
29 February 2008

'229' rumors keep most Bethlehem high school students home

Fears about rumored uprisings at Lehigh Valley schools today -- Feb. 29 or "229" as students have been calling it -- kept nearly all of Bethlehem Area School District's high school students home.

School bus after school bus at Liberty High School in Bethlehem and Freedom High School in Bethlehem Township arrived with only one or two students aboard. [...]

The Virginian-Pilot [VA]
29 February 2008

Leap Day threat at Landstown High appears to be hoax

By Steve Stone
The Virginian-Pilot


A cell phone text message threatening a shooting at Landstown High School on Friday may be an extension of a "229" Leap Day threat that has its roots in Pennsylvania. [...]

The Intelligencer [Philadelphia, PA]
1 March 2008

The power of a rumor

The Intelligencer

At Central Bucks South, the absentee rate was about 40 percent. At William Tennent, about 20 percent of students were out. [...]

Pocono Record [PA]
1 March 2008

Wild Web rumors sweep Pleasant Valley schools

By Dan Berrett
Pocono Record Writer

Internet-fueled rumors of a rebellion at schools in the Lehigh Valley on Friday rippled to the Pleasant Valley School District. [...]

The Express-Times [PA]
1 March 2008

Day of threats turns into a day about -- nothing

No mayhem and little attendance on Feb. 29

The Express-Times

The 29th day of February passed without incident at most Lehigh Valley schools, but heightened security and poor attendance made the day anything but normal for students. [...],0,6788079.story

The Morning Call [Allentown, PA]
1 March 2008

False alarm

Rumors of school violence, linked to an unusual date, turn out to be nothing

By Genevieve Marshall and Marion Callahan
Of The Morning Call

Rumors of violence that gripped the region and led thousands of high school students to stay home Friday, without even a viable threat, formed a perfect storm of gossip and circumstance that swirled out of control and gave rise to unnecessary fear and panic. [...]

Express-Times [PA]
17 March 2008

Pink Army man seeking peace, peace of mind after 229 confusion

The Express-Times

EASTON -- When Randy Melick started painting his little plastic army men pink, he had no idea he was throwing himself into the middle of a storm.

The gesture was an artistic call for nonviolence and an end to the war in Iraq, but it led to the local artist and businessman becoming falsely associated with the 229 phenomenon, leaving a mark on his reputation that still remains. [...]