Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Razor Blades in McDonald's Playland Tunnel

Stuff [New Zealand]
20 February 2008

McShock: Blade cuts girl in kiddies' play tunnel

By LYN HUMPHREYS - Taranaki Daily News

Security has been increased at McDonald's in New Plymouth after a staff member's stomach was sliced open by a blade left in a the play tunnel. Lisa Daurua received a 7cm gash below her navel and required eight stitches. [...]

[Daurua believes the blade had been deliberately planted in the tunnel.]

Taranaki Daily News [New Zealand]
21 February 2008

Police, Labour Dept investigate McDonald's incident


Police and the Department of Labour are investigating an incident at McDonald's in New Plymouth after a young worker's stomach was sliced open while cleaning the playground.

But McDonald's head office says it is confident that the blades found were not left as a malicious act and that increased security in all their restaurants will avoid copy-cat incidents. [...]

Stuff [New Zealand]
27 February 2008

Fast food worker cut by pen, not razor


A broken pen and not a razor blade is being blamed for cutting a teenage staff member in a McDonald's restaurant Playland tunnel. [...]

"No external party has been found to be involved in the incident, and no crime has taken place," said McDonald's managing director Mark Hawthorne.

"The incident... has been found to be an accident caused by a broken pen belonging to the crew person."