Tuesday, February 5, 2008

INS Logo Scares Illegal Immigrants


5 February 2008

A Funny Story?

by PrMaine

A member of my family who (IMHO) listens to too much conservative hate-talk radio told me a story yesterday that I was supposed to accept as true and that I was supposed to think was very funny. It turned out that I seriously doubt that it is true and I found it funny in the sense of odd rather than hilarious. You can be the judge, but I suspect (since the writers are on strike) that the story was invented in some right-wing think tank and is being distributed over talk-radio and by word of mouth.

Let me tell the story before I go any further:

This guy happens to own some kind of generic uniform.

When he has some medical emergency that requires him to go to an emergency room, in a panic he takes the time to go to his computer and download a logo to paste on his uniform. When he gets to the emergency room the room magically clears out and they call him after only a brief wait.

The logo? Oh, it was an INS logo. [...]

[For legends about the power of the initials INS to frighten illegal immigrants, see .]