Thursday, May 1, 2008

Smiley Face Serial Killings

New York Daily News
29 April 2008

Ex-NYPD cops say smiley face is link in 40 deaths by serial killer syndicate


A spray-painted smiley face with a taunting grin could be the disturbing signature of a nationwide network of killers who target promising college students.

The chilling symbol has been found at at least 12 sites where young men fitting a distinct profile have been drowned in incidents that were ruled accidents. [...],2933,353624,00.html

Fox News
1 May 2008

FBI: 'No Evidence' to Support 'Smiley Face Gang' Serial Murder Theory;Victims' Families Say There Is

By Catherine Donaldson-Evans

The FBI said there is no proof that dozens of young men who died in mysterious drownings were actually murdered by a nefarious network dubbed the "Smiley Face Gang" - despite theories held by a group of retired detectives and victims' family members. [...]
[Cf. the belief that young men found drowned in La Crosse, Wisconsin, were the victims of a serial killer or killers:]
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
16 April 2004
Drowning worries university community
UW-La Crosse student found in river not linked to other deaths, police say
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
17 April 2004
La Crosse fears a killer, mayor admits
'Most people' think men's deaths are connected, he says
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
23 April 2004
Crowd heckles La Crosse police for blaming drownings on drinking
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
30 April 2004
Drowned student's blood alcohol revised to 0.40
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
18 Aug 2004
Student's family blames city, state in his drowning
La Crosse's 'drunk bus' contributed to his death, legal notice claims
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [WI]
3 Oct 2006
'Disbelief' reigns after student's body recovered
Homan is 8th found in river since '97