Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Smiley Face Gang (2)

KAAL-TV [Rochester, MN]
6 May 2008

PA police find possible link to 'Smiley Face Killers'

By: Kristi Piehl, Investigative Reporter

[Police in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, believe that a smiley face graffito may be linked to the drowning death of Tommy Booth. ]

Fox News
7 May 2008

Possible 'Smiley Face Gang' Link Emerges in Case of Missing Middlebury College Freshman

New details have emerged in the search for missing 19-year-old Middlebury College freshman Nicholas Garza that could link him to the so-called "Smiley Face Gang," which a group of retired detectives believes is responsible for the apparent drowning deaths of dozens of young men across the country.

Searchers have found smiley-face graffiti near Garza's campus like that painted near some of the locations where about 40 bodies have been discovered across 11 states, FOX 44 News reported. [...]

Middlebury police believe the graffiti is more than two years old and are not following up on leads related to the alleged gang. [...]

Twin Cities Daily Planet [Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN]
7 May 2008

The smiley-face killers: a born-in-Minneapolis urban legend takes wing

By Steve Perry
Minnesota Monitor

If you missed Kristi Piehl's breathless April 25 KSTP-TV report on the pair of retired NYPD detectives who believe there's a network of serial killers murdering college men around the country - over 40 to date, they claim, and perhaps up to 100 - then you've probably also missed the overnight growth of a new urban legend on the web. [...]

Philadelphia Daily News
8 May 2008

Smiley-face murder theory considered in case of Delaware County man's death

Philadelphia Daily News

THOMAS BOOTH worked as a "first-class drywall finisher," but the 24-year-old's true passion was art, his mother recalled. [...]

Daily Herald [Arlington Heights, IL]
7 May 2008

Could Elgin man's death be work of 'Smiley Face' killer?

By Harry Hitzeman
Daily Heald Staff

Stephany Welzien knows her only child is dead.

What the Elgin woman doesn't know is what happened to her son before he died.

Brian Welzien, a 21-year-old finance major at Northern Illinois University, was last seen by friends outside a Chicago hotel in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2000, sick after drinking too much. [...]

21 May 2008

Smiley face killers may be stalking college men

By Randi Kaye
AC 3600 Correspondent

Times-Union [Albany, NY]
22 May 2008

Szostak's father responds to autopsy report


ALBANY - An autopsy report on the body of Joshua Szostak, who was found in the Hudson River on April 22, shows he had a blood alcohol content of 0.126 percent. [...]