Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cow Mutilation, Saskatchewan

Regina Leader-Post [Sask.]
14 May 2008

Cow found mutilated in Saskatchewan

Pregnant cow found with missing parts in Stockholm area

Jana G. Pruden, The Leader-Post

REGINA -- A macabre mystery that pops up around the world has surfaced once again on a secluded Saskatchewan farm.

The most recent case of cattle mutilation occurred in the Stockholm area, just yards away from where Heather Harris and her husband slept. [...]

The pregnant cow was missing its rectum, female organs, udder, navel, top and bottom lips, one ear and one eye. The animal's tongue appeared to be cut out.

Harris said there was no sign of blood in the area, and all of the injuries appear to be precise incisions. Harris said there were no signs of struggle in the area, and no tire tracks, footprints or blood anywhere around the animal.

The gruesome scenario appears to be a classic case of "cow mutilation," a bizarre occurrence attributed variously to natural predators, aliens, government operatives, cults and a variety of other elusive sources. [...]