Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Diaper-Clad, Worm-Infested Rapist,,372_2326229E,00.html

Vaal Weekly [South Africa]
21 May 2008

Forced to 'lick his worms'

By Lazarus Dithagiso

VANDERBIJLPARK. - Women fear for their lives as rumours of a Hummer-driving pervert sexually exploiting female pedestrians are spreading like wildfire.

The man is estimated to be in his fifties and he targets women aged anywhere between 18 and 35 years of age. His modus operandi is that he allegedly lures female pedestrians with his expensive vehicle and showers them with expensive gifts before taking them to a luxurious hotel, which he also claims to be the owner of.

At the hotel, the assailant apparently threatens his victims with a firearm and forces them to have oral sex with him. The man is also reported to be wearing disposable nappies.

After the man exposes himself, it is said that a foul smell surfaces from his private parts and his victims are reluctant to do as they are told, because the man allegedly has a pile of worms infesting his pubic area.

It is said that the man pays the women undisclosed amounts of money after the ordeal and tells them that they must use the money for their funerals.

SAPS spokesperson, Constable Mandlakanyise [*] Zwane, claims, however, that accounts of the perverted nappy-wearing playboy cannot be proven yet and general suspicions are that it is nothing but an old-wives' tale. "We would like to encourage community members, should they witness any unlawful activities resembling these reports, to come forward and report it," he concludes.

* In past news reports that have mentioned the police spokesman, his first name is spelled Mandlakayise. -- bc