Saturday, May 17, 2008

Radiation Wave Warning

Borneo Bulletin [Brunei]
17 May 2008

Police warn SMS panic mongers

By Azaraimy HH

[...] Following a recent false alarm through mass SMS, ASP Mohd Shari bin Hj Ahmad, Assistant Public Relations Police Unit of the Royal Brunei Police Force, urged the public not to take heed of any hoax aimed at frightening people.

The false message that was rallied through the SMS stated, "As a precaution, all hand phones tonight must be switched-off, according to Metro TV. On 11 pm tonight, there will be a large radiation wave that is dangerous to human beings, which will be captured by all handphones and all transmitting devices. Tell all your friends not to place hand phones on your head. Please forward." [...]

The Star [Malaysia]
19 May 2008

SMS on radiation wave a hoax

PETALING JAYA: Two telcos have dismissed the text message, which went around on Saturday telling people to turn off their mobile phones before 11pm, as a hoax.

A source from DiGi and a Maxis spokesman said Sunday that the message was either a prank or misconstrued information.

The text message read: "Please switch OFF all ur handphones 2NITE. According to Metro TV, there will be a BIG RADIATION WAVE circulating thru the handphone towers at 11PM 2nite which is very DANGEROUS to humans. Pls inform ur friends NOT 2 keep their phones with them. Please FORWARD. Rgds." [...]