Friday, May 2, 2008

Marilyn Monroe Sex Film

New York Post
14 April 2008




Some really like it hot.

In the sordid tradition of peddling raunchy video footage of celebrities a la Paris Hilton, a long-buried sex movie of Marilyn Monroe recently hit the market, a top collector told The Post.

An illicit copy of the steamy, still-FBI-classified reel - 15 minutes of 16mm film footage in which the original blond bombshell performs oral sex on an unidentified man - was just sold to a New York businessman for $1.5 million, said Keya Morgan, the well-known memorabilia collector who discovered the film and brokered its purchase. [...]

The Smoking Gun
18 April 2008

Marilyn Monroe Sex Film Hoax

FBI documents contradict broker's unsubstantiated claims about reel

APRIL 18--A New York businessman's claim that he recently brokered the $1.5 million sale of a Marilyn Monroe sex tape is belied by the very FBI documents the man has cited to support his bizarre and unsubstantiated story, The Smoking Gun has learned. [...]

1 May 2008

FBI: No Marilyn Monroe sex film

By Jim Popkin, NBC News Senior Investigative Producer

The FBI does not have a pornographic home movie of actress Marilyn Monroe in its files and never did, FBI officials tell NBC News.

Document analysts at the FBI have completed a manual search of FBI records and found no evidence of the film.

"The records show no indication we ever had such a film," said David Hardy, who organized the search and is chief of the FBI Record/Information Dissemination Section. Hardy said six or seven FBI analysts spent a total of "32 man hours" reading through paper documents at the FBI's records center in Alexandria, Va., and did not find anything indicating that the FBI has or ever had a Marilyn Monroe sex film. [...]