Thursday, May 29, 2008

Parking Garage Attack, Kansas City

KMBC-TV [Kansas City, MO]
28 May 2008

Police: Power & Light Attack E-Mail Is Hoax
E-Mail Claims Person Was Beaten In Parking Garage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police said an e-mail circulating about an assault at the Power & Light District is not true.

The e-mail, which several viewers forwarded to KMBC, advises the reader to take a cab to downtown rather than drive because someone's cousin was attacked in a parking garage by eight "guys with lead pipes" and that they were robbed and "beaten nearly to death."

The e-mail says the guys all had a "gold pinky fingernail" and that they are possibly in a gang.

The e-mail also claims that the person's friend is missing and is presumed dead.

Police said there was no such report made and that the story was unfounded. [...]